JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Trick and Treat


Mama ghoul and her three little kiddies
Went trick and treating at the back alleys
The people were stunned
Mama ghoul got a gun
They got some sweets, they’re such a sleaze


Three Ghoulies standing on the porch
On a blistering pace out they scorched
One was happy two were sad
They want to see their dad
And they forgot to bring their torch


Abracadabra she’s learning her spells
She’s not really good, she usually misspells
She’s got a lot of mishaps
She ends up in a mousetrap
Stuck there for a long time until she smells


She was in a forest when two ghosts appeared
They grinned through a jungle of bad facial hair and leered
“Help!” she cried and ran
Until she saw a man in a van
Two ghosts gave up and quickly disappeared

For: his Week’s Challenges: October 15 – 21 (OWPC, WW, JHC)

Witch’s broom


Which witch prepares a spell?
Switch that man to a frog
Ditched her for that barmaid
Twitch of sting felt for that dog

Feeling at last the problem’s solved
Bring some justice to her fate
Zing was added to her lacklustre life
Chuckling to herself, she feels great

Hallow’s Eve
Or Allhalloween
All Saint’s Eve
Trick or Treat
Costume parties, bonfires, pranks
The witch on her broom
Light candles on graves

For: This Week’s Challenges: October 8 – 14 (OWPC, WW, JHC)

The Fasching Party


The Fasching Party
It started on the 11th hour of
The 11th of November, a pre-Lenten
Celebrated in grand style in Bavaria.
It culminated into Fasching week which
Began the week before Ash Wednesday.
People celebrated in costume at various
Carnival community events and individual parties.
Carnival parades abound, it was literally the weekend
For people to live it up. Fasching Parties were interesting.
Last week I was dressed up as a leopard and it took me forever
Say half an hour to put the right make up and the costume as a leopard.
It was held in a community hall. There was a theme, and it was the Jungle Theme.
People came as lions, tigers, elephants and so on. Others didn’t bother with the
Theme and came dressed up as they wanted: as pirates, gypsies, prisoners,
Princes and princesses, letting their imaginations ran wild. It was fun!
There were prizes for the best costume – I won the second prize!
The tigress had the first prize. I didn’t mind at all. I loved it!
Fasching parties were originally held to drive away winter
And all its evil spirits. It provided a festive season
Of food and fun before the Lenten fasting period.
I wonder what the theme would be next year?

For: This Week’s Challenges: October 8 – 14 (OWPC, WW, JHC)