Unique – ABC of Love – Love is in Da Blog 2018

figure in ash storm

Each one has something in them
A skill, a trait, that’s unique
We honour the souls so pure

We can read, we can admire
In a library of souls
Each one has something in them

Free the spirit, free the souls
Roaming around in this world
A skill, a trait, that’s unique

Let them remain untainted
Don’t give in to evil deeds
We honour the souls so pure

Ang bawat isa ay may isang bagay sa kanila
Isang kasanayan, isang katangian , na natatangi
Pinararangalan natin ang mga kaluluwa napakadalisay

Maaari nating basahin, maaari nating hangaan
Sa isang biblioteka ng mga kaluluwa
Ang bawat isa ay may isang bagay sa kanila

Palayain ang espiritu , ilibre ang mga kaluluwa
Gumagala sa paligid sa mundong ito
Isang kasanayan, isang katangian , na natatangi

Hayaan ang mga ito na mananatiling dalisay
Huwag bumigay sa masasamang gawa
Pinararangalan natin ang mga kaluluwa napakadalisay

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Spicy – ABC of Love – Love is in Da Blog 2018

plant our own peppers
some are spicy, some are not
the joy of harvest

add salt and pepper
they give a bit of a kick
to flavour the food

you are my pepper
adding spice to my life
and I am your salt

Three years ago, Him Indoors decided to plant a variety of chillies. We love eating spicy food and it was a new project for him. So he ordered the seeds and was so excited when they arrived. He printed and made some labels with their descriptions and the level of hotness for each variety. Some of the chillies were Jalapenos Hungarian Wax, Serrano, Aji Amarillo, Scotch bonnet, Habanero, cayenne pepper and Bhut Jolokia or Naga Jolokia – from 2,500 to 1million Scovilles.

It was still winter when he started so he germinated them in the house, in a sort of incubation boxes, then moved them near the window sills where the sun shined. They started growing. We watched them grow, some faster than the others. He looked after them, watered them and fed them. Soon, he transferred them to some pots and as the weather improved, he moved them out in the garden.

When they were a bit bigger, we gave some away to friends as presents, so they could also have their chilli plants. They were delighted to receive them. We harvested them when they were ready. It was a delight seeing a variety of them in different colours and sizes – orange, purple, red, yellow, green. We cooked curries, salsas, jerks, arrabiatas, and add a fresh chilli or two every time we prepared our meal. We dried some of them by putting them in our airing cupboard and some were made into chilli sauce by adding some lemon juice, oil and pasteurising them. He used goggles and hand gloves when he made the sauce. We had to open all the windows as he cooked them. They were too hot to handle. Or sometimes, I cycled or walked out of the house, did some errands so I didn’t have to experienced their vapours.

One time, he was making a sauce of the hottest variety, the Bhut Jolokia (1,001,304 Scovilles – now, truly the hottest chilli pepper around). He took all the precautions, by wearing eye goggles and hand gloves. The kitchen became too hot as he was cooking them and he was getting uncomfortable and sweaty. Not thinking properly, he took his goggles off and wiped his brow with his gloved hand, but oh boy, he regretted that. Too hot to handle – he quickly washed his eyes and face with cold running water, muttering some swear words under his breath. Poor Him Indoors, what an experience with his chilli plants.

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Question – ABC of Love – Love is in Da Blog 2018


in my solitude
my pondering
in this life
about love
about you
about me
about us
the future
in this world
my pondering


sa aking pag-iisa
aking muni-muni
sa buhay na ito
mga tanong
mga sagot
tungkol sa pag-ibig
tungkol sa iyo
tungkol sa akin
tungkol sa atin
sa kinabukasan
sa mundong ito
aking muni-muni

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Passion – ABC of Love – Love is in Da Blog 2018


olive field
the joy of dancing
with rhythm
setting sun
as gentle as the wind blows
with passion and love

dancing together
hand in hand
head on chest
the scent of heaven on me
forever with you

Me, myself, I
Passion through poetry and fiction
Glad I could do what I’ve chosen
Passion in doing everything fully
To swim and snorkel in the sea
Passion in learning new things
Life is full of swings and zings
Passion in teaching English
Don’t worry, I’m also British
Passion in meeting friends
Being me, don’t do pretends
Passion in shopping till I drop
I like my top, don’t do swap
Passion in ringing my Mom
Like giving myself a balm
Passion in skyping the son
Telling his pun, it’s quite fun
Passion with cycling with Him
Sometimes going to the gym
Passion in seeing the world
Kaleidoscope as it whirled
Passion in experiencing life
I think I’m a good housewife
Passion with different culture
Eyes not covered with a blinker
I think I’m living my passion
I always feel that I have won
I’m grateful to this brilliant world
Such dazzling and wonderful world

For: Passion – ABC of Love

Open – ABC of Love – Love is in Da Blog 2018


Let’s paint the town red right now
Until we cross the limit that we’re allowed
Give me a kiss and I’d be healed
With that kiss I’m all sealed
Glance at me and my window’s open
We’ll have fun my hunny bun
Take a photo of us and my life’s complete
As long as you don’t cheat
Them promises I should keep
I promise not to weep
Them fun things we should have
Protected by a salve
Them kisses I should treasure
Give my life a colour

As the day unfolded, I learned more
Open feelings, not just drawer
Discovering each other, too
Things that make us happy or blue
Setting our priorities right and be grounded
So happy to be here as the day unfolded

With Him Indoors, son and his bride
Also Mum and siblings – my pride
And as long as we’ve got good health
These loved ones and friends, they’re my wealth
Being in nature, mountains, also the seashores
Anywhere, anytime always with Him Indoors*

* The Wrapped Refrain, created by Jan Turner, consists of 2 or more stanzas of 6 lines each; Meter: 8,8,8,8,12,12 and Rhyme Scheme: a,a,b,b,c,c.

Refrain rule: In each stanza the first 4 syllables (or 4 single-syllable words) in the first line must be the last 4 syllables (or 4 single-syllable words) at the end of the last line. This is what wraps each stanza with a repeated refrain …thus, the Wrapped Refrain.

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Flowers – Nurturing Thursday

Hello everyone! After six years of hard work from seed, it finally flowered!


I was welcomed by these flowers from Him Indoors when I arrived from Manila ❤


And of course, our orchids are blooming, too 🙂


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Magnificent – ABC of Love – Love is in Da Blog 2018


brilliant day for us
rejoicing something special
being together

for thirty-one years
together through thick and thin
affirming our love


Ifugao people
blood and sweat used for this road
they used ancient tools

magnificent sight
primeval rice terraces
such a heritage

commune with nature
subtle beauty of the sea
tranquility felt

embraced by the wind
blue sea reflects the sky
magnificent feeling

mountains and forests
pure joy to be part of them
sunrise and sunset

For: Magnificent – ABC of Love