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March 27

Music Prompt # 77 “Careless Whisper” by George Michael.

Months and years have passed and I still miss you Your sweet smile, apple stew and coffee brew I long for your velvety touch And the sunshine I miss that much To add, our foothill walks and the mountains Wearing my red dress with pearly buttons No regrets, I always say, what we had Those […]

March 25

A rondel for spring

Edgewood Garden, Washington State The silhouette of the trees by the lake The fog enveloping the scene as I look No birds tweeting, all’s peaceful by the brook New hope for the morning as the dawn breaks Winter must be tired and spring awakes All flowers bloom like in a storybook The silhouette of the […]

March 22

Used to be inseparable

– Josh Hayes used to be inseparable latched in each other in passion like a ballet in harmony life and love in iridescence what can love do but levitate? used to be inseparable with heliotrope and red roses then the heat of desire over true motive found and flashover back to earth with reality used […]

March 16

At a crack of dawn

Staggered out of bed at a crack of dawn As he stretch his arm and have a huge yawn Too much spirit, never again, he promise As he could be a stubborn or annoying cuss Awake at a strange place in a tilted angle Ah, her soft voice stopped his babble Then smile at the […]

March 15

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, March 15th 2017 choices

When one door closes, one opens When the moon sets, rises the sun We find what’s next to our action With our problems, we can do tons Lots of choices, which one to choose And with that choice, sometimes we lose Don’t despair, make the most of it With determination and grit Either swim with […]

March 14

Henna Party – Photo Challenge #156

ARJ Photography The eve before my wedding, happiness Henna, bangles, dance, what charming soiree Such bliss! Such bliss! What a feeling! And ready charge onto our fate! Tomorrow we become one soul, two hearts And so our love blossoms forever more   (c) ladyleemanila 2017   For: Photo Challenge #156

March 12

Saturday Mix – Bastet – Lurking of a shadow

A delusion of being watched Her face was all bruised, also blotched Her blond hair may be slightly botched Looked untouched by the night’s debauch Is he coming for his revenge? For what had happened to avenge? Relish the story of the beasts Full to the brim with surprised feasts Splintered and flash peeling with […]

February 15

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, February 15th 2017 dream

Credits: dreams I know I probably wasn’t really awake. Maybe it was lucid dreaming. This playground used to be a centre of activity. Marielle and her feckless younger brother Joe loved the seesaw. Joe shouted “Put me down!” when he was up in the air for quite some time. I remembered his luminous but stained […]

February 14

Freedom to dream freedom to dream about things that make me gleam freedom to love so I can coo like a dove freedom to travel and win my own battle freedom to write to make my day bright freedom to fight on other people’s plight freedom to wander when I’m feeling some anger freedom to make friends […]

February 11

Saturday Mix – February 10, 2017 – Bastet

  We said things we shouldn’t have and that caused misunderstanding Sometimes we wanted to fight for love but we end up battling What’s the point when we don’t care anymore and we fall apart? When we can live without each other and we need to depart We had a good run, that time when […]

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