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motherland_chronicles__43___dreaming_by_zemotion-d6wjvid February 15

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, February 15th 2017 dream

Credits: dreams I know I probably wasn’t really awake. Maybe it was lucid dreaming. This playground used to be a centre of activity. Marielle and her feckless younger brother Joe loved the seesaw. Joe shouted “Put me down!” when he was up in the air for quite some time. I remembered his luminous but stained […]

393088_10151364886785867_900306428_n February 14

Freedom to dream freedom to dream about things that make me gleam freedom to love so I can coo like a dove freedom to travel and win my own battle freedom to write to make my day bright freedom to fight on other people’s plight freedom to wander when I’m feeling some anger freedom to make friends […]

cumberbatch-hamlet February 11

Saturday Mix – February 10, 2017 – Bastet

  We said things we shouldn’t have and that caused misunderstanding Sometimes we wanted to fight for love but we end up battling What’s the point when we don’t care anymore and we fall apart? When we can live without each other and we need to depart We had a good run, that time when […]

dsc04673 February 10

Music Prompt # 74 – “A Thousand Years”by Christina Perri – Valentine’s Day Special

It was the day you said hello First thing in the morning that was The lab you were about to show We were introduced, then a pause First thing in the morning that was I was the new girl in the lab We were introduced, then a pause City was a bit of a drab […]

dscn0452 February 09

Tale Weaver No 106 9/2/17 – Touch

Goodbye my friend, have a safe trip We held our hands in a strong grip As the train goes, I see him cry I’ve got other places to try Dried my eyes and gave a short yip In a land of sadness, broken dreams are made Which strip away any vital connection And life was […]

dsc02074 February 08

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille February 8th 2017 clouds lovingly

swans and ducks on lake blue sky, white clouds, gorgeous day perfect place to chill meeting friends over some drinks listening to a jazz band floating cotton balls above blue sea and islands calm, pacific sea lost in thought for quite some time day dreaming is amusing long thin white streamers nearly kissing pink mountains […]

15032720_10154513477855867_5225813041111198432_n February 05

Playgroup, school, he’s our khan – Writing Prompt, 5th February – Villanelle

He came, we had fun and he’s gone Years of waiting and he was here Playgroup, school, he’s our khan We used to bake cake and scone He played football, too and we cheer He came, we had fun and he’s gone He loved dönner kebab and prawn He played music for us to hear […]

11219403_10153507695655867_8916666706307267363_n February 04

Saturday Mix — Lorraine 04.02.17 – Love

(image: (c) Lorraine 2017) Spill me your heart Can’t take it when we’re apart Spill me your soul You came and my heart stole Spill me your compassion I’m all yours with affection Spill me your emotion You woke my whole being with passion Spill me your love found ways to be in sync through […]

sky2 February 02

Tale Weaver #105: The Dark Side 02.02.17

That moment in the park near the guesthouse was quite tensed. The trees were covered in deep crimson flowers. When Alberto stoop to feel the texture of a small furry leaf, Belen quickly told him not to touch the plants. They were having a serious conversation. Belen blushed crimson with embarrassment and emotion. She said […]

img-20160726-wa0005 January 29

Poetry – Writing Prompt #193 “Collage 35”

hints of dark suggestions that’s how poem works full of secrets but fun brewing in a cirque that’s how poem works hidden formulae, too bubbles in brainwork butterfly in a view full of secrets but fun unlocking the door a peacock in action a girl I adore brewing in a cirque cauldron of ideas with […]

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