Nurturing Thursday

Hello everyone! Lovely day here, bright cold day. Him Indoors cooked lasagne the other day and he took step-by-step photos of his delicious meal. First, he chopped onions, crushed garlic and minced the meat. Fried them with some oil. Added a tin of tomatoes. Boiled. Added a dash of red wine. Simmered. Prepared a dish, put the sauce, then lasagne sheets alternately, then added creme fraiche and cheese and Italian herbs on top. Baked in the oven 180 degrees, for 30 to 40 minutes, or until brown. Voila – Him Indoors’ lasagne!

It’s beginning to look like Christmas in our house…

Have a great week everyone!

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Hope by Emily Bronte


Hope was but a timid friend;
She sat without the grated den,
Watching how my fate would tend,
Even as selfish-hearted men.

She was cruel in her fear;
Through the bars, one dreary day,
I looked out to see her there,
And she turned her face away!

Like a false guard, false watch keeping,
Still, in strife, she whispered peace;
She would sing while I was weeping;
If I listened, she would cease.

False she was, and unrelenting;
When my last joys strewed the ground,
Even Sorrow saw, repenting,
Those sad relics scattered round;

Hope, whose whisper would have given
Balm to all my frenzied pain,
Stretched her wings, and soared to heaven,
Went, and ne’er returned again!

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Food, glorious food!

Hello everyone! Just sharing some of the food we’ve been cooking.

The first one – steak pie. Cut the beef in cubes, fry them with olive oil or rapeseed oil. Add cider, mustard, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Prepare the pastry and roll them. Put the meat in a dish, add the pastry on top. Bake in preheated oven 180 to 200 degrees, for 30 to 45 minutes or until it’s brown. Boil some potatoes, then mash them with some butter and milk. Serve with some peas and wine.

Second dish – baked aubergine. Slice the aubergine, chop the onions and tomatoes, grate some cheese. Oil the pan or dish and put the aubergine, onions, tomatoes, add the grated cheese on top. Put in the preheated oven 180-200 degrees for half an hour or until brown on top.

Third dish – pork medaillon with cream. Cut the pork into cubes, fry with sliced onions. Add mustard and mushrooms. Simmer. Add cream. Serve with pasta and wine.

Have a gorgeous week everyone!

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#Bathwater 11-9-2017

#ThreeThingsThursday – What made me smile this week…

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all OK. Last Tuesday we went out for a meal. We tried the new Chinese restaurant that has a buffet. It was wonderful.

They had sushi, meat and vegetables, fish and seafood, spring rolls, chicken satay and all other delicious food.

They have this big aquarium in their lobby.

Yesterday we went to our garden centre to buy some alium bulbs.

Have a great week everyone!

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#ThreeThingsThursday – What made me smile this week…

Hello everyone! the weather is lovely again so I’m very grateful. I met my friend N for lunch, to an Italian restaurant and we had fun talking and eating.

We went for a walk around the city, then we had capuccino and cakes, yummy!

At home, flowers are lovely. Him Indoors bought us some new sweat bands for our cycling or going to the gym.

Have a great week everyone!

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