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dsc04673 February 10

Music Prompt # 74 – “A Thousand Years”by Christina Perri – Valentine’s Day Special

It was the day you said hello First thing in the morning that was The lab you were about to show We were introduced, then a pause First thing in the morning that was I was the new girl in the lab We were introduced, then a pause City was a bit of a drab […]

img-20160726-wa0001 January 28

How heavy do I journey on the way*

* Sonnet 50 by William Shakespeare PHOTO PROMPT © Al Forbes How heavy do I journey on the way? When all I want is to come back to you? Ask your forgiveness and lots to convey Being away and all my days were blue I’ve gone astray and took more than I chew Now hoping […]

rtdg4qe8c January 12

Writing Prompt #9 – Would you rather… Time

I’d rather travel back in time then I’m part of history and perhaps learn a lesson or two. SPARE MY PARADISE time travel time to spare spare me a piece of your mind spare me your mercy mercy, mercy mercy, my Lord Lord, I am not worthy Lord of the universe universe to travel universe […]

imgp4113 December 24

The pursuit of a perfect date

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot The pursuit of a perfect date I’m wearing my elegant cloak Desperately trying to lose weight Duck coke, won’t have my heart broke Perhaps wear a mini skirt or black dress To become a bit like Venus de Milo What else can I do to impress? Hoping he’s the right […]

1252344824186342215 December 01

Thursday Photo Prompt – Cracked Ice #writephoto

passing by the cracked ice on sea sun sets on this blue world sailing on the water bleakly climate change, what we hurled what have we done, everything’s changed the whole thing appears misarranged what have we done? what have we done? like a couple being estranged passing by the cracked ice on sea on […]

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