Photo Challenge #220 – Fizzle in her allure

– Silvia Grav

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “What Would You Prefer?” by Drew Gardner: alligator, peeking, traits, happen, straight, spark, fizzle, silhouette, hobbits, silently, glide, signal

She glides silently in the room
Her silhouette so pure
Signalling something we assume
Fizzle in her allure
What has happened to her spark?
Did she lost her voice like a lark?
What has happened?
What has happened?
And will she get out of the dark?

She glides silently in the room
Straight to her boudoir
With hobbits full of gloom
Alligator bizarre
Are we peeking inside her mind?
Let her leave her worries behind?
Are we peeking?
Are we peeking?
We don’t want her troubled and whined

She glides silently in the room
So elegant her trait
Sashaying around the ballroom
Soundlessly in her gait
Soft whispering of her knight’s name
Hoping love between them aflame
Soft whispering
Soft whispering
Can’t wait for the time to be same*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Trijan Refrain

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Photo Challenge #219 and Wordle #201 – In this thewless world she is in

– Enzzo Barrena

In this thewless world she is in
Moving in a deasil fashion
Might be drab and all the fun shun

Pressurize to take things on chin
No counterweight to balance life
Like being struck with a knife

Envy and corresponding sin
Revolving on this finite world
Problems and stones being hurled

Hard to qualify for a win
Full of challenge and hindrances
With grievances and stresses

With embarrassment and chagrin
She carried on despite hardship
Her dignity being stripped*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Constanza

Credit: Candice of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

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Photo Challenge #218 and Wordle #200 – It’s been lost, of course, which is sad

– Duks Visuals

It’s been lost, of course, which is sad
Wanderings and dissolutions
Objurgate for what was done
Decathect for what they have had
Can’t revert to when they’re unhurt
Some possibilities to add
Tangible fears under the sun
It’s been lost, of course, which is sad

It’s been lost, of course, which is sad
The quickening of the pulse rate
Being possessive a bad trait
Arrived in garnet coloured clad
Hoping to enhance in a glance
And all the world around is mad
As the clock strikes after eight
It’s been lost, of course, which is sad*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* High Octain


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Photo Challenge #216 – Moon face

– Luis Gonzalez Palma

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Bedside Reading” by Marilyn Nelson: welter, quartz, bedside, pocket, moves, daughters, wipe, blossoming, trust, wisdom, shakes, pure

With blossoming trust I give you
Pure wisdom through
Moon face I move
Bedside to prove

In the daughter’s mind so welter
Wipe tears better
Shake the pocket
Have a banquet

A ring made of silver and quartz
Found at seaports
Moon face and all
That is my call*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Minute Poem

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Liquid – Photo Challenge

Water, water, water, I love water everywhere
Seas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, streams, pools
We’ll enjoy splashing around, fair and square
Playing in the rain, relaxing in whirlpools

We can drink water, so pure and refreshing
Our body needs water, also when we exercise
Good for our spirit, stops us from ageing
Nice to go sailing, make sure we don’t capsize

Swimming in the sea, that’s my favourite
Watching the sun as it rises and sets
Having a picnic or an elaborate banquet
Did I tell you about my memorable sunsets?

Aquatic life is quite entertaining and fun
Like what we feel when the lottery’s won

For: Liquid

Photo Challenge #214 and Saturday Mix – Double Take, 12 May 2018

– Flora Borsi

Our homophone sets this week are:
cedar – an evergreen tree
seeder – one who broadcasts seeds
days – more than one day
daze – to bewilder

There were days when I feel dazed and how
A seeder came by the cedar
A red bird perched on my ribs
Its feathers falling down
I have nothing left
When you were gone
Life is bare

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Nonet

For: Photo Challenge #214Saturday Mix – Double Take, 12 May 2018