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393088_10151364886785867_900306428_n February 14

Freedom to dream freedom to dream about things that make me gleam freedom to love so I can coo like a dove freedom to travel and win my own battle freedom to write to make my day bright freedom to fight on other people’s plight freedom to wander when I’m feeling some anger freedom to make friends […]

imgp7093 February 09

Shadow – Photo Challenge

14900360_10154494008580867_7939857525575986910_n February 03

Solitude – Photo Challenge

For: Solitude. Also for: #MySundayPhoto – Up Above, Bi-Rite Ice Cream Cones and Friends (Sundays In My City) Other “solitude” posts: Solitude Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude Peaceful Solitude

dsc04644 January 22

New chests of drawers

Hello everyone. Just sharing with you today our new chests of drawers – well, Him Indoors project, by taking our old ones, making them look like small drawers and painting and varnishing them. Pretty cool! For: #MySundayPhoto – Sooo Cold, ALL SEASONS – JANUARY (22) ROLLER COASTER, San Francisco Women’s March (Sundays In My City). […]

10978645_10153026067520867_5025544329751709533_n January 20

Graceful – Photo Challenge

For: Graceful Other “graceful” posts: Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

kissing_in_the_rain_by_latoday January 17

Harbinger of spring – Photo Challenge #148

– Anja Bührer white bubbles of froth jostle in the lake witch hazels and yew harbinger of spring trudging through the greens, life in stake they crush inward without any break psittacism speech together they sing white bubbles of froth jostle in the lake hoping toes not be bitten by snake hoping also not a […]

12805740_10153836874610867_4061694412062097769_n January 13

Ambience – Photo Challenge

wedding-reception-dance-gif January 10

LOVE – Photo Challenge #147

– Natalia Drepina Is there humour in love? I just have to ask Of course, there is Otherwise, what else is there? If we cannot laugh together To the simple things we have Then why take things seriously? Laughter is the best medicine Ask your doctor, he’ll verify For when I first met you You […]

dsc03513 January 06

Names – Photo Challenge

What is in a name? A rose is a rose is a rose It still smell as sweet My name’s Ladylee It’s my name in blogosphere Real name’s a secret Filipino names Quite unique in the world Bong-Bong, Luningning, Joker, PNoy, Violet Ding-dong, Lualhati, Kotz People see your name Sometimes you could be prejudged Because […]

imgp4450 December 31

Resilient – Photo Challenge

my compact mirror I take it everywhere it’s part of my life such a dainty thing mirror given by my friend enchanted by it I get reflection of life’s daily struggle should be resilient For: Resilient Other “resilient” posts: Streetwise

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