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March 23

Which one? Photo-Fiction #81

Decisions, decisions, Will I reason through it Or go with my gut?… “You must make a choice To take a chance or Your life will never change” Such an inspirational quote To be or not to be, that’s the question Do I take it or not, that’s another What will happen if I don’t? Will […]

March 18

Photo-Fiction #80 – With love and passion, I adore thee

With love and passion, I adore thee Like a passion flower, I blossom In my heart and soul, love you dearly I’ll even get the moon to fathom Like the flowers clinging on the wall Our love is stronger than people think Can survive hurricane and rainfall We’ll make our world colourful and pink Live […]

February 09

What are the chances? Photo-Fiction #75

In the grand scheme of things, we meander in bliss Don’t signal me to leave with my horse, I’m a princess Live with those we need the most, life’s full of roses With a buzz and a fuzz, we have to take all our chances Forget the gamblers and saloon girls with their bullets Write […]

January 26

Mask – Photo-Fiction #73

she tried to sleep lots of things in mind different masks for her to be a Jane Doe far away from truth keep away from foe she wants to be free please keep her in toe not an easy prey nor an easy ride life is such a blur her hair sprayed grey should get […]

January 19

Rusty Padlock – Photo-Fiction #72

you said you’ll stay with me forever blah! all talk, no trousers, for you were gone with the wind by the bridge swore with our padlock wrote our names locked us both but then you changed and left me like rusty padlock For: Photo-Fiction #72

January 12

Dusty Long Road – Photo-Fiction #71

In this empty vessel The end full of brambles My body’s bleeding My veins’ weeping In search of penitence Not the end of judgment For things I’ve done No facts, just cheap pun And things I’ve omitted I’d go back if I would Hush, don’t say a word I know I have erred Don’t mention […]

January 04

New World – Photo-Fiction #69

A whole new world for us What happened to the old one? It came to halt by man’s greed Over-polluted and over-populated Over-industrialised and selfish people No one cared for others, just themselves Too much money for the few, the rest starved Until the old world cannot be sustained anymore Now we are given a […]

December 01

Thursday Photo Prompt – Cracked Ice #writephoto

passing by the cracked ice on sea sun sets on this blue world sailing on the water bleakly climate change, what we hurled what have we done, everything’s changed the whole thing appears misarranged what have we done? what have we done? like a couple being estranged passing by the cracked ice on sea on […]

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