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184272_203328856345869_5166693_n January 28

Manila by the Hotdogs – QKJ #26

IN the MOOD Choose a piece of music, not too long, and listen to it once with attention then let it repeat a few times while you do something else—cleaning, maybe. Come back after an hour or so, listen to it again. Write.   No place in the world like Manila – my hometown. I […]

imgp5940 January 21

Summer – QKJ #21

“Damnation!” Marco hissed as he missed a vital step and felt his sword slip from his hand. “Gotcha!” shouted Rich, and he won this fencing round. “Wow, look at that view, fascinating!” Anne admired the waterfall as they crossed the bridge. “Yes, indeed, how cool is that!” agreed Claire while waving to Kim and Ben […]

day-20 January 20

QKJ #20 – Give and take

Write using multiple voices. “Is that you Thomas? Yes, it is you!” Jessica said as she did a double take. “It’s me indeed! How are you? It has been a long time. I thought I was seeing a ghost!” Thomas still shocked. “I’m fine, fine. And this is Jack, my son. We’re getting his ice-cream, […]

dsc03327 January 19

Aubade from heaven – QKJ #19

Aubade from heaven Let me sing, don’t be stun Please stop the nightmares I’m here with you, I swear Calm the barking dogs They’re just prologues The sun will come out soon The light of the silvery moon While still curled up in bed With all the books you read Breakfast with cheese and bread […]

rose-animated-gif-12 January 15

QKJ #15

A plant with thorns a welcoming sight pink roses in front of house as the sun shines take time to smell the roses sweet spring, enjoy life’s offer ROSES FOR JESSAMINE J–joy you brought to our lives E-every moment that you were here S-sadness still in our hearts S-singing in heaven, we’re sure of that […]

10010252_10152033865057021_8608205652426706742_o December 07

A recipe for friendship

Start by saying hello I was six, she was five, “you’re it!” Played all day, messed around Been best friends we have to admit Both happy to have found When we’re not on the same country Separated by sea We are so thrill Best friends still Add some common interests My friends who pass the […]

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