Manila by the Hotdogs – QKJ #26

Manila by the Hotdogs – QKJ #26


Choose a piece of music, not too long, and listen to it once with attention then let it repeat a few times while you do something else—cleaning, maybe. Come back after an hour or so, listen to it again.


No place in the world like Manila – my hometown. I keep coming back to Manila, even though I left it many moons ago. It was the place where I was born, went to school and university. Where I had my first job, met and had my first love and of course, my family and friends are still here. The lyrics are with the song. Here are some more photos of Manila. Cheers everyone!

For: QKJ #26


Summer – QKJ #21

Summer – QKJ #21

“Damnation!” Marco hissed as he missed a vital step and felt his sword slip from his hand. “Gotcha!” shouted Rich, and he won this fencing round.

“Wow, look at that view, fascinating!” Anne admired the waterfall as they crossed the bridge. “Yes, indeed, how cool is that!” agreed Claire while waving to Kim and Ben kayaking in the river. There was sunshine today and the children were having fun camping.

In the evening the warmth of the fire kept them cheerful as they roasted marshmallows and sausages and sang some songs. Some of them played cards and other games. The organisers carried on with their work. They wanted to keep the children busy and tired all day with different activities.

summer breeze is fun
lavenders and poppies bloom
ice-cream in the park

everyone’s smiling
cycling, walking and swimming
thunderstorms at night

summon the muses
to the cool ocean for bliss
such delight to date

summer morning
meadow where corn is growing
such uplifting feel

melody from heart
not a cloud in the sky
birds fly together

peak of the mountain
panoramic view from top
such awe-inspiring

For: QKJ #21


QKJ #20 – Give and take

QKJ #20 – Give and take

Write using multiple voices.


“Is that you Thomas? Yes, it is you!” Jessica said as she did a double take.

“It’s me indeed! How are you? It has been a long time. I thought I was seeing a ghost!” Thomas still shocked.

“I’m fine, fine. And this is Jack, my son. We’re getting his ice-cream, want to join us?”

“Sure, after you,” as he followed them to the café.

“Can we have a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, an orange juice, and what do you want to drink?”

“I’ll have a beer please, thanks.”

They kept on looking at each other and after some time, were about to speak at the same time. So they just laughed. Their orders arrived and carried on with polite conversation while enjoying the view of the lake and the volcano.

“You left without saying goodbye. You broke my heart.”

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Something tragic has happened, so we had to leave quickly.”

“What happened? You know you could always tell me.”

“It took me some time before I was on my feet again.”

“My dear Jessica, it’s so nice to see you again. It has been 8 years and a lot of things have happened to me, too.”

And just as Jessica was about to say something, Jack returned from the playground and asked his Mum if they could go home now.


For: QKJ #20

Aubade from heaven – QKJ #19

Aubade from heaven – QKJ #19

Aubade from heaven
Let me sing, don’t be stun
Please stop the nightmares
I’m here with you, I swear
Calm the barking dogs
They’re just prologues
The sun will come out soon
The light of the silvery moon
While still curled up in bed
With all the books you read
Breakfast with cheese and bread
Was it something that I’ve said?
Don’t forget the jar of marmalade
Hair curled neatly in blond braids
The search of the soul has begun
I’m right here by your side, hun
Don’t feel so helpless and impotent
Our love will always be constant

For: QKJ #19


QKJ #15

QKJ #15

A plant with thorns

a welcoming sight
pink roses in front of house
as the sun shines
take time to smell the roses
sweet spring, enjoy life’s offer


J–joy you brought to our lives
E-every moment that you were here
S-sadness still in our hearts
S-singing in heaven, we’re sure of that
A-angel, our angel as we dream through dusk
M-mourning, wish you were still here
I-in our midst, but then it wasn’t meant to be
N-no winter without a spring
E-every rose will fade, dry and brittle


For: QKJ #15


A recipe for friendship

A recipe for friendship

Start by saying hello

I was six, she was five, “you’re it!”
Played all day, messed around
Been best friends we have to admit
Both happy to have found
When we’re not on the same country
Separated by sea
We are so thrill
Best friends still

Add some common interests

My friends who pass the test of time
Friends I love going out
Friends who are here in my lifetime
Allies that’s without doubt
I ring in the middle of night
We meet and go out for a bite
We love dancing
We love shopping

Make sure we understand each other

Have other friends throughout my life
They came and then we part
We get on but sometimes strife
We are friends in our heart
We don’t have to see each other
We are there for one another
Support each one
And have some fun

So, to test friendship

When we meet we are full of glee
Lots of adventure and banter
Friends like them are such a delight
We are there for one another

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Poetics ~ Recipe Poems by Mish. Also for: QKJ #29