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cumberbatch-hamlet February 11

Saturday Mix – February 10, 2017 – Bastet

  We said things we shouldn’t have and that caused misunderstanding Sometimes we wanted to fight for love but we end up battling What’s the point when we don’t care anymore and we fall apart? When we can live without each other and we need to depart We had a good run, that time when […]

11219403_10153507695655867_8916666706307267363_n February 04

Saturday Mix — Lorraine 04.02.17 – Love

(image: (c) Lorraine 2017) Spill me your heart Can’t take it when we’re apart Spill me your soul You came and my heart stole Spill me your compassion I’m all yours with affection Spill me your emotion You woke my whole being with passion Spill me your love found ways to be in sync through […]

imgp4315 January 28

Saturday Mix – Bastet

a broken vase was found three daisies on the floor a knife was by the door mussed up rug was around everyone was astound a shopping bag or more what happened here we asked when we came back from trip our security blipped video film was unmasked things got cleared as we tasked who did […]

35446_10151225832955867_622049650_n January 14

Saturday Mix – January 14, 2016

the path of life everyone has his own way reaching there somehow a moment in time one step at a time “I’m afraid I have something to show you. I was fascinated by them and bought them for our garden – you can open your eyes now…” I guided him through our house. “Oh no,” […]

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