#SoCS Oct. 7/17 – save/safe


With her curvaceous frame, she’s fighting the evil
Her lacy cloak soaring high with her as she flew
She wants justice and won’t say no to a battle
She could make a difference, she always knew

She spun round, came eye to eye with the enemy
She was once hit by a ricochet in the leg
She won’t baulk down, don’t make her angry
She looks gorgeous, her clothes were off the peg

Areas on the maps were shown and she’s got to save them
People narrowly escaping the floods, thanks to her help
People thanking her, sending her letters, roses and poem
They can’t believe they’re safe, hug each other and yelp

She was miles away, her aura gradually dim and dwindle
Waving goodbye until she was invisible at warp speed
The world is safe again, she’ll be here on the next battle
Until then, we say thanks and we all wish her Godspeed

For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 7/17


#SoCS Aug. 26/17 – Start with “WHEN”

When the why’s been answered
And the when and where’s noted
When I cried for help
And you’re there holding my hand
When I’m feeling low
And you’re cheering me up
That’s when I know
Life is such a lovely thing

It’s not always like that
When things are not going right
And I’m getting frustrated
When there are many hindrances
And I cannot go to my destination
When we cannot understand each other
That’s when I know
Life could be daunting

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 26/17


#SoCS Aug. 12/17 – “guess”

gp cat-w-girl fullbodyknit-e1446917225613

One of these things is not like the others
Don’t know which one is not like the others
Is it the full body all knitted?
Or the friends having a cosy night in?
Perhaps the girl with her cat?
I still can’t figure it out
I guess they all belong together
Something to do with being comfy
The knitted body wrap keeps him warm
The friends relaxing with wines and games
And the girl leisurely walking with her cat
I’ll go with that guess – they’re all very comfy!

For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 12/17


#SoCS June 24/17 – “rain/rein/reign”


Rattle that lock and lose those chains
Don’t let them take over the reins
Get out of that dark forest
Don’t want it to be the bleakest
Force your way into the light
Don’t give up easily the fight
Beneath the waterfalls such force
And within us we’ve got resource
Marvellous sound the falling water
We won’t know until we’ve entered
Rattling but so soothing
All the positive force it brings
Think a little and send us the rain
We’ve got the power to reign
Rattle that lock and lose those chains
Don’t let them take over the reins

For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 24/17


#SoCS June 3/17 – “whether/weather”

Whether the weather is lovely
Sunny or not we’re out cycling
To say thanks for what life can bring
We are so happy to be free
We sing a song we all belong
Climb a mountain or swim in sea
Thanks for the food we love cooking
Whether the weather is lovely

So glad we have this family
We may be afar but still cling
Support each one no need asking
When we’re together life is glee
Don’t get us wrong, we are strong
Challenges, we face life bravely
Count our blessing, life is a zing
So glad we have this family*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017


The Octain, full name Octain Refrain, is a form of poetry developed by English poet Luke Prater in December 2010.

It comprises eight lines as two tercets and a couplet, either as octosyllables (counting eight syllables per line), or as iambic tetrameter, whichever is preferable. Trochaic tetrameter also acceptable. The latter yields a more propulsive rhythm, as opposed to iambs, which lilt.

As the name suggests, the first line is a refrain, repeated as the last (some variation of refrain acceptable). Rhyme-scheme as follows –


A = refrain line. c/c refers to line five having midline (internal) rhyme (e.g. here/sneer), which is different to the a- and b-rhymes. The midline rhyme does not have to fall exactly in the middle of the line, in fact it can be more effective and subtle, depending on context, to have it fall earlier or later.

The High Octain is simply a double Octain, but as one poem – the refrains are the same, a- and b- rhymes are the same, but actual words are different, and the c/c line with the internal rhyme can optionally be rhymed in the second instance. There is no restriction on the level of repetition, but in most cases the stipulated refrain A is enough; this may even feel too repetitive and need varying. As a general guideline, changing up to four syllables of the eight still retains enough to feel like the refrain. The end word must remain the same.

The structure of the High Octain is one single after another with a break in between; alternatively, it can be written as two blocks of eight lines:

A-b-b-a-c/c-a-b-A [or d/d instead of c/c]

It is also possible to write a piece consisting of a string of single Octains (the rhymes of which would not usually correspond).

For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 3/17, Weekend Writing Prompt #5 – Gratitude


#SoCS May 27/17 – “smell”


When the wicked witch visited
What a sight, the smell was so acrid
It was dark, eerie and she levitated
Full of wrinkles, her teeth were crooked
That dreadful creature held her tarot cards
And she was giving them like some rewards
Her cloak full of blood like she had been to a plague
A fleshy abdominal limb of a caterpillar’s proleg
She seduced me with a penny and gave me a kiss
She curtsied like I was some sort of a princess
“Make a wish,” she said but I was dumbstruck
I was drenched with sweat, all of these playing havoc
I ran to my room, got my gun and said “please go away!”
“I know you meant well but I don’t need any soothsay”
She left, I danced with elation when she was gone
She wasn’t expecting that and became withdrawn
I prayed that she won’t visit me again
Such a weird experience then

For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS May 27/17


#SoCS May 20/17 – “all or nothing”

tenerife 014

All or nothing, if I can’t have all of you
Then I’ll have nothing at all
We met, we kissed and made promises
We were on top of the world
No one could reach us
Like being with the stars
Or the seventh heaven
On top of the highest mountain
Ah, that was heaven!
But then out of the blue
You were gone and left me alone
I didn’t want to carry on
Like there was no air to breathe
No sunshine, no breeze, nothing
It went on like that until I realised
I’ve got to live, I’ve got to move on
Slowly, with the help of time, I’m me again
I’m strong, I could do it and you don’t deserve me


For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS May 20/17