Key is to stay calm

© John Brand

The key is to stay calm in the deck
A glass of wine as she gave me a peck
Bugs thrumming in the grasses above
Birds chirping higher up and the dove
Flying in a row, no fight, no wreck

Magnolia blooming last time I check
Plant some flowers for her, not henpeck
A big red rose as I court my love
Key is to stay calm

Next-door garden and a hollow beck
Strip of land as we go for a trek
Let’s not split, me and my ladylove
Singing sweet songs like two turtle doves
As well as dancing in discotheque
Key is to stay calm*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Rondeau is a French form, 15 lines long, consisting of three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet with a rhyme scheme as follows: aabba aabR aabbaR. Lines 9 and 15 are short – a refrain (R) consisting of a phrase taken from line one. The other lines are longer (but all of the same metrical length).


For: Sunday Photo Fiction, Wordle 296 Apr 22 by Brenda Warren


Dear Death

Dear Death


Listen, I know I’ve reached my turn
Time is not on my side as I scrape by
I’ve tasted life and played my nocturne

I sigh at the barriers and concern
I follow the breeze and say bye
Listen, I know I’ve reached my turn

Sometimes stones are too big but I learn
Hurt by nails and betrayal and I cry
I’ve tasted life and played my nocturne

Tried to stand as tall as trunk with fern
When there’s pain, I know time passes by
Listen, I know I’ve reached my turn

Perhaps I’ve done things that will me burn
Sometimes I’ve blamed you for my loss and I cry
I’ve tasted life and played my nocturne

Give me another chance, your offer I spurn
I still got things to do, I don’t want yet to die
Listen, I know I’ve reached my turn
I’ve tasted life and played my nocturne*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017


* A Villanelle is a nineteen-line poem consisting of a very specific rhyming scheme: aba aba aba aba aba abaa.

The first and the third lines in the first stanza are repeated in alternating order throughout the poem, and appear together in the last couplet (last two lines).

One of the most famous Villanelle is “Do not go Gentle into that Good Night” by Dylan Thomas.


For: Writing Prompt #203 “Letters to Death”, Sunday Photo Fiction – April 16th 2017, Wordle 295 Apr 15 by Brenda Warren , April PAD Challenge: Day 16, Day Sixteen of NaPoWriMo

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Come and follow me

Come and follow me

© A Mixed Bag

Come and follow me to this place

Chasm that cut across the base

Strum of waves as they hit the rocks

Blithesome like a garden of space

Sea as primal highways of life

Free as far as the eyes can reach

Key to my heart while you’re near me

We can rise up as we beseech*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A poetic form created by Lencio Dominic Rodrigues, the Lento is named after it’s creator, taken from his first name Lencio and rhymed to Cento, an existing form of poetry.

A Lento consists of two quatrains with a fixed rhyme scheme of abcb, defe as the second and forth lines of each stanza must rhyme. To take it a step further, but not required, try rhyming the first and third lines as well as the second and forth lines of each stanza in this rhyming pattern: abab, cdcd. The fun part of this poem is thrown in here as all the FIRST words of each verse should rhyme. There is no fixed syllable structure to the Lento, but keeping a good, flowing rhythm is recommended.


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – April 2nd 2017, Wordle 293 Apr 1 by Brenda Warren, April PAD Challenge: Day 2

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Oh what a play!

Oh what a play!


Oh what a play we lead after we have met
Not taking into board that life could be tough
The bell has rung and we had to sing duet

We had a row and he would leave in a huff
The green monster would also come into play
And when we fought like mouse and cat, it was gruff

Sometimes we’re so sweet in our furnished chalet
Drinking champagne with orange juice or buck fizz
The canapes lovingly served on a tray

We love cooking and baking, we’re such a whiz
All our recipes we could put in a disk
And if you’re lucky we might give you a quiz

Life and romance, as we play in asterisk
We know what’s at stake and we still take the risk*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Terza Rima is a poem with an eleven syllable count in each line and a rhyming scheme of aba, bcb, cdc, dd.

For even more of a challenge, try the Terza Rima Sonnet. This form of poem has an eleven syllable count in each line and a rhyming scheme of aba, bcb, cdc, ded, ee.



For: Sunday Photo Fiction – March 19th 2017, Wordle 291 Mar 18 by Brenda Warren

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Rocket Man – Sunday Photo Fiction

Rocket Man – Sunday Photo Fiction


He comes and goes when he pleases
And he keeps on changing faces
He can be from one of the tribes
Rocket man is a mystery
Long chin, prominent teeth, curved lips
Comes with his broken spaceship
Creative as Shakespearean jibe
Rocket man is a mystery
He speaks of words with no vowels
It darkened his face, his scowl
And he doesn’t need any bribe
Rocket man is a mystery
When he’s crossed, some sparkles come out
Out of his mouth, tea in spout
Some cynics in the planet gibe
Rocket man is a mystery

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – March 12th 2017


The future awaits

The future awaits

Photo © Sascha Darlington


here’s the future community

white domes of different shapes you see

where everyone can stay for free

away from harsh reality, that’s the key


everyone has its commitment

to be helpful, kind and pleasant

different religion and race

diversity we sure embrace and our forefront


the theory is good, will it work?

problems? have we done our fieldwork?

and can we all live together?

we may never know the answer, see through the murk*


(c) ladyleemanila 2017


* The Florette, created by Jan Turner, consists of two or more 4-line stanzas.

Rhyme scheme: a,a,b,a
Meter: 8,8,8,12
Fourth line requirement of internal (b) rhyme scheme, on syllable 8.

Like the outgrowing of a small flower, the forth line of each stanza is longer, and enwraps the previous lines. Line #4 requires an internal rhyme scheme that rhymes the eighth syllable with the end of line #3, and continues to add on four more syllables than the other lines so that the fourth line ends rhyming with lines #1 and #2.


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – February 12th 2017


The lake is calm – Sunday Photo Fiction – January 29th 2017

The lake is calm – Sunday Photo Fiction – January 29th 2017

© C.E.Ayr

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Boy Breaking Glass” by Gwendolyn Brooks: broken, create, pepper, plank, revenge, music, longer, mistake, cliff, loneliness, everything, snare

the plank of loneliness was here
music was broken by the lake
and so what a mistake to make
when everything was by the pier

a snare when we create
revenge by the cliff
the longer it takes
the harder it gets
salt and pepper
add to the mixture

think again for what was in stake
where we go from here as I steer
and so we need to persevere
let’s finish this with a handshake

the lake is calm
and so are we
glad it ends well
we’re friends again
enjoy the trees
listen to the birds

tahimik ang ilog
sa ihip ng hangin
(a calm lake, by the breeze of the wind)*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The La’libertas, a 22-line (4/6/4/6/2) poetic form created by Laura Lamarca. The stanza rules are as follows:

Stanza 1 – rhyme scheme ABBA, 8 syllables per line.
Stanza 2 – Free verse, 6 lines ONLY
Stanza 3 – Rhyme scheme BAAB, 8 syllables per line.
Stanza 4 – Free verse, 6 lines ONLY
Couplet – Italian (Any language acceptable except)

How the La’libertas for got its name is from the word “libertas” which is Latin for “liberty” and “La” is Laura Lamarca’s signature.

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – January 29th 2017, Whirligig 95

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