Sunday Photo Fiction – The lady in my dreams

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

The lady in my dreams, she looks so mysterious
With just one eye not covered, she looks anxious
Such great sorrow and despair I see from her eye
As if she spends most of her time with her cries
Her body exhausted after the expulsion of energy
I can tell she’s making a dramatic plea
The problems she’s carrying too heavy to bear
I would like to care for her, I promise and swear
Her wrists and hands all tied up with black cord
I wish for her not to be hated or abhorred
And then the knight with shining armour came
Who has done great deeds as the public acclaim
He greeted her as he swaggered along the corridor
He’s probably the miracle she was waiting for
To give her happiness and love in this world
They fell in love and together they twirled

(c) ladyleemanila

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – May 20, 2018


Sunday Photo Fiction – May 13, 2018 – Mommy and baby elephant

Photo Prompt: C.E. Ayr

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Eddie Priest’s Barbershop & Notary” by Kevin Young: music, spin, chance, reflection, pockets, sting, flowers, wintergreen, guess, turn, running, next

Mommy and baby elephant
They’re next to each other
Running with Mommy in the front
Wintergreen and tree fir
With reflection in the water
Guess who stops being ambler?
With reflection
With reflection
Baby spins around after

Mommy and baby elephant
They could dance with music
Chance to turn around so brilliant
With flowers in the creek
Sting of the bees make them run
Doing things with pockets of fun
Sting of bees
Sting of bees
And their lives are full of action

Mommy and baby elephant
They’re always together
Baby follows Mum with a grunt
Both stay as they were
With adventures and challenges
Sometimes getting food from branches
With adventures
With adventures
Day to day living with no fuzz*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Trijan Refrain


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Sunday Photo Fiction – May 6, 2018 – Stay up with friends

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Stay up with friends
Fun at the weekends
Simple joy, having a voice
Tick the bucket list
Air bag in the mist
Have the power to rejoice

Like a sprout that grows
With same friends of choice
And chain of activities
Rank and file no more
And press for some more
Enjoy the view and the breeze

Boys will always be
As long as they’re free
Enjoying life as it is
Forget all troubles
View the aerials
Could be the Alps of the Swiss*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Alouette


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – May 6, 2018Wordle 350 May 6 by bwarren

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Z is for ZaniLa Rhyme


The ZaniLa Rhyme, a form created by Laura Lamarca, consists 4 lines per stanza.
The rhyme scheme for this form is abcb and a syllable count of 9/7/9/9 per stanza.
Line 3 contains internal rhyme and is repeated in each odd numbered stanza.
Even stanzas contain the same line but swapped.
The ZaniLa Rhyme has a minimum of 3 stanzas and no maximum poem length.

March 21st 2013. First ever Sunday Photo Fiction

With wings spread I long to be free
With bread on my beak I’m off
To the light away from the devil
And the stranger gave me a send off

Thunder growls without warning from sky
And the plane left its stripe
Away from the devil to the light
As it switches it on its tailpipe

Shy away from the snatches of greed
Driving away the evil
To the light away from the devil
To freedom I’ll always be careful

(c) ladyleemanila 2018


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – April 8th 2018Wordle 346 Apr 7 by bwarren , Z is for Zzzzzz #AtoZChallengeWe have finally arrived at the last day of Na/GloPoWriMo 2018!


Music Challenge #26: “Limes” Brad Paisley #musicchallenge #amwriting #MLMM


Don’t be startle when life is tough
Mingle, try not to go in huff
Take it easy, smile with your charm
You know when enough is enough

The offer is on, there’s no harm
Call the birds, they come in a swarm
Let’s all have fun without filter
On its mark, pillars and gendarme

Have something to bite and stir
It’s not always clear, sometimes blur
I like my drinks with some lemon
With friends, we agree or bicker

Let’s have a good time, lots of pun
And whatever is done is done
It’s not perfect, some things we shun
Hold up the end of our bargain*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* A Quatrain is a poem consisting of four lines of verse with a specific rhyming scheme.

A few examples of a quatrain rhyming scheme are as follows:

#1) abab
#2) abba — envelope rhyme
#3) aabb
#4) aaba, bbcb, ccdc, dddd — chain rhyme


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – April 22nd 2018Music Challenge #26: “Limes” Brad Paisley #musicchallenge #amwriting #MLMM Wordle 348 Apr 21 by bwarren

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Sunday Photo Fiction – March 11th 2018 – We’ve almost made it


We’ve almost made it. But not really. Such a shame. If only I could turned back the clock and stayed the way we were, I would. I almost did it – turned back the clock. But it was pointless. What was done was done, what was said was said, what was broken remained broken. Everything happened for a reason. The thing was, we’ve almost done it, almost surpassed the hurdles and challenges that came our way, almost ignored the pain that was hurting, almost crossed the finish line at the end. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be…

you promised not to leave
but one day you were all gone
and left me crying

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – March 11th 2018


Sunday Photo Fiction – March 4th 2018 – Winter and all paradigm

© Jade Wong

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Final Shirt” by Marjorie Saiser: father, shirt, tie, choose, years, closet, cloth, blue, buttons, sure, church, come

Come and choose some blue buttons for him
With father’s tie he looks prim
To church and sings hymn
Sticks as limbs

For sure, life could be sometimes so grim
Years of being anonym
To church and sings hymn
Sticks as limbs

With shirt, he’s as cute as cherubim
Winter and all paradigm
To church and sings hymn
Sticks as limbs

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Triquint

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – March 4th 2018, Whirligig 151

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