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March 16

At a crack of dawn

Staggered out of bed at a crack of dawn As he stretch his arm and have a huge yawn Too much spirit, never again, he promise As he could be a stubborn or annoying cuss Awake at a strange place in a tilted angle Ah, her soft voice stopped his babble Then smile at the […]

February 09

Tale Weaver No 106 9/2/17 – Touch

Goodbye my friend, have a safe trip We held our hands in a strong grip As the train goes, I see him cry I’ve got other places to try Dried my eyes and gave a short yip In a land of sadness, broken dreams are made Which strip away any vital connection And life was […]

February 02

Tale Weaver #105: The Dark Side 02.02.17

That moment in the park near the guesthouse was quite tensed. The trees were covered in deep crimson flowers. When Alberto stoop to feel the texture of a small furry leaf, Belen quickly told him not to touch the plants. They were having a serious conversation. Belen blushed crimson with embarrassment and emotion. She said […]

January 19

Tale Weaver #103: Through a Child’s Eyes 19.01.17

One of the earliest memories I had was the time when my sister was born. I was three, my big brother was four and we were waiting in the other room, my father was pacing up and down. Until we heard the midwife (my aunt) said: “it’s a girl!” We all rushed in the room, […]

January 05

Tale Weaver #101: Resolute 05.01.17

Moments come, moments go, regrets I have a few Too few that I won’t bother mentioning them I could queue or brew but never feel blue Hope my high spirit doesn’t lead to a mayhem As I pirouetted and moonwalked across the room I also fluttered around, overwhelmed by things around I just do things […]

December 15

Tale Weaver # 96 – December 15th – What you see out your front door

Outside my front door, birds singing Dogs running, children cycling, people passing Hear the baby bird cries for his food Among the branches, doves cooed Unfettered that he’s bigger than the mother It doesn’t matter, as I hear my cat purr Check our flowers and ferns, all thriving A neighbour, all about her holiday babbling […]

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