Happy Easter Monday everyone! Hope you are all fine. Him Indoors and I had a quiet and contemplative Holy Week/Easter holiday week. The weather was fine on some days, that’s when we cycled or did some gardening. When it wasn’t that good, we stayed inside and did some chores and other hobbies. I was able to write/blog a lot. I managed to write some poems.

I’m very grateful that my mother is fine in the Philippines. Through messenger, we video chat almost every day. My aunt was able to stay with her and together they visited some churches and went to Bulacan to see the passion play. My brother and his family were also able to join them.

HRH the son and his beautiful K went to see Southampton v Manchester football game. They said they had a great time. OK, Southampton lost, but that’s another story.

That’s it from me. Have a lovely week everyone!

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Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of January 2nd 2017

Thank God, It’s Monday! — Week of January 2nd 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Yesterday we went to Munich Philharmony to listen to Beethoven symphony number 9 – it was brilliant! We really enjoyed listening to it with the full ensemble.


It’s -4 degrees today in Bavaria, so a bit frosty. I think we’ll have snow by tomorrow.


Have a lovely week everyone!

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Birthday Weekend in Garmisch

Birthday Weekend in Garmisch

A long weekend for my birthday – yay! We drove to the mountains – to Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Our hotel on top of the hill

It was still early when we arrived and we couldn’t check in yet. So we walked along Riesersee – the frozen lake

we’ve checked in and had some tea and cakes in their cafe

The view from our room

We had some cocktails, sat by the fire and had a cosy dinner across the hotel

The morning of my birthday

We walked down to town

Went to the church to say thanks

There was a Christkindlmarkt and we had some mulled wine and sausages

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, too 🙂

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