Birthday and Christkindlmarkt

Hello everyone from a stormy Munich. We’ve just got back from our morning swim, even though it was very windy outside. Just swam indoors most of the time. The jacuzzi is still great!

Anyway, last weekend, I celebrated my birthday. I’ve got a lovely gold bracelet from Him Indoors, pyjamas from parents-in-law, cardigan from cousin B, cards and FB greetings from families and friends. Thanks everyone!


We went to the Christkindlmarkt, first in Münchner Freiheit, the “arty” one, lots of hand-mades and sculptures in the market.

Then to Marienplatz, with the big Christmas tree in front of the town hall. We had sausages and mulled wine and looked around the stalls.

And in the evening, we went to our favourite Greek restaurant with friends N and R. Then went back to our place for a bottle of champagne and some mince pies. It was a wonderful birthday! Very grateful!

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#ThreeThingsThursday – What made me smile this week…

Hello everyone! I was able to buy some vegetables so I made “pinakbet” which was stir fried vegetables with bagoong or soy sauce. It was delicious!


Using my new paraffin hand treatment machine…

Last night’s dinner – chicken and pork adobo with green beans, rice and salad.

Have a great week everyone!

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Food, glorious food!

Hello everyone! Just sharing some of the food we’ve been cooking.

The first one – steak pie. Cut the beef in cubes, fry them with olive oil or rapeseed oil. Add cider, mustard, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Prepare the pastry and roll them. Put the meat in a dish, add the pastry on top. Bake in preheated oven 180 to 200 degrees, for 30 to 45 minutes or until it’s brown. Boil some potatoes, then mash them with some butter and milk. Serve with some peas and wine.

Second dish – baked aubergine. Slice the aubergine, chop the onions and tomatoes, grate some cheese. Oil the pan or dish and put the aubergine, onions, tomatoes, add the grated cheese on top. Put in the preheated oven 180-200 degrees for half an hour or until brown on top.

Third dish – pork medaillon with cream. Cut the pork into cubes, fry with sliced onions. Add mustard and mushrooms. Simmer. Add cream. Serve with pasta and wine.

Have a gorgeous week everyone!

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#ThreeThingsThursday – What made me smile this week…

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all OK. Last Tuesday we went out for a meal. We tried the new Chinese restaurant that has a buffet. It was wonderful.

They had sushi, meat and vegetables, fish and seafood, spring rolls, chicken satay and all other delicious food.

They have this big aquarium in their lobby.

Yesterday we went to our garden centre to buy some alium bulbs.

Have a great week everyone!

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Meatballs carbonara, fried rice, scallops with brocolli, etc.

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. Sharing with you some of the food we’ve been cooking this week. First one – meatballs carbonara. Ingredients: minced meat, tagliatelle, parsley, eggs, parmesan cheese. Boil the tagliatelle. Form meat balls out of the meat, add some bread and roll them in ground pepper. Mix the eggs, parmesan cheese and parsley. When the tagliatelle is al dente, take them out and add them to the fried meat balls. Add the rest of the ingredients. Serve with green salad and a nice bottle of white wine.

Fried rice with onions, tomatoes, ham and parsley


Scallops and broccoli in oyster sauce


King prawns with brocolli, carrots and mushrooms


Aubergine and tomatoes omelette


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