Meatballs carbonara, fried rice, scallops with brocolli, etc.

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. Sharing with you some of the food we’ve been cooking this week. First one – meatballs carbonara. Ingredients: minced meat, tagliatelle, parsley, eggs, parmesan cheese. Boil the tagliatelle. Form meat balls out of the meat, add some bread and roll them in ground pepper. Mix the eggs, parmesan cheese and parsley. When the tagliatelle is al dente, take them out and add them to the fried meat balls. Add the rest of the ingredients. Serve with green salad and a nice bottle of white wine.

Fried rice with onions, tomatoes, ham and parsley


Scallops and broccoli in oyster sauce


King prawns with brocolli, carrots and mushrooms


Aubergine and tomatoes omelette


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Three Things Thursday and more

Skywatch Friday the 13th, first thing in the morning, on our way to the pool

flowers in our garden, before they stop flowering

my good old bike, riding it from home to the station

at the station, to and from work

our dinner – tuna and stir-fried vegetables

Have a great week, everyone!

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Ten things of thankful for this week

Ten things of thankful for this week
Family’s all well, that’s the first
Mum is getting better from cough
The son is loving his new job

Summer’s over, autumn is here
Ten things of thankful for this week
Tortoises are now in the house
Taken some of the plants inside

I have my check-up on Monday
I do hope everything is fine
Ten things of thankful for this week
Roast chicken with tikka tonight

Saw some pigs in Marienplatz
Will go cycling tomorrow, too
Just hoping for a lovely day
Ten things of thankful for this week

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Being pampered in Das Kranzbach

Hello everyone! We’re here in Das Kranzbach and we loved being pampered. It’s a four star hotel and a wellness refuge. The place is amazing!

There are four outdoor pools and one indoor pool, all heated and complete with jacuzzi. There are also saunas and other wellness facilities.

We went for a walk today, from Kranzbach to Am Berg and it took us two and a half hours going up and down. Am Berg is 1200m high.

We have a full board accomodation and the food from breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner was wonderful!

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Weekly Smile – Last #weeklysmile


Hello everyone! I’m sorry to hear that this is our last ‘weeklysmile. It has been fun, reading and sharing all the smiles we have had. Thank you Trent for hosting 🙂

Anyway, smiling because HRH the son rang yesterday and he’s going to have an interview tomorrow. He’s been working as a volunteer for a couple of months and there was an opening, so he applied. Good luck, son!

Him Indoors is feeling better this morning. I am, too. We’re going to post our votes for the election later on. We won’t be here on the actual election day so we’re posting our votes. Our first time to vote since we’ve got our citizenship.

Have a great week everyone! Keep smiling!

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Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful


Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. Lots of things to be thankful this week.

Him Indoors and I are doing well, sort of healthyish, well, aside from his bad knee and my diabetes, life seems to be back to our normal routine.

met friends N and R for our lunch – snitzel and rice! then we walked to the city centre. We haven’t seen each other for quite some time, so we tried to catch up with our latest news. It was fun.

we did some shopping and people watching. The flowers were really nice and there were sits/benches when we wanted to sit down and rest.

yesterday, I met my friend C for our Japanese soup (udon and miso). We also haven’t seen each other for quite some time, so it was really nice to see her again. Then we went for our manicure/pedicure and carried on talking while being pampered. It was a lovely day, indeed!

this month we are celebrating the birthdays of my brother, niece and nephew, as well as my friend N’s daughter – Many happy returns to all of them! Cheers!

So, what made you smile this week?

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Photo Blogging Challenge (August 2017): Summer


the River Isar – we spent most of our summers walking, cycling, swimming, having a picnic, meeting friends along the River Isar

our Austrian trip – stayed in a castle, walked a lot (the hills are alive…), swam, fine dining, being pampered in their spa

Lake Alster in Hamburg – sailing and relaxing right in the city centre

lovely flowers in our garden – dahlias, lavender, roses, bees, butterflies

Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg – the world’s largest model railway exhibition

So, what made you smile this week?

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