Thursday photo prompt – Wisp #writephoto


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Carrying Water to the Field” by Joyce Sutphen: afternoons, cultivating, water, wrapped, cut, across, surprise, turning, blade, melted, gulp, accomplished

Wisp of cloud rose into the air
A sign if it could just spare
From miles away a silent hope
Swimming across the seven seas
Surprise on an afternoon breeze
Cultivating that I could cope

The scope of which is accomplished
You know you are being cherished
And my heart’s melted by your care
Turning water into trophy
Wrapping my soul to ecstasy
Cutting my heart fair and square

I swear for a wisp of belief
A brief moment you’re everywhere*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Jeffreys Sonnet was created by Scott J. Alcorn. It is isosyllabic (only 8 syllable per line), 2 sestets with a cross rhymed couplet (the cross rhyme is in the 2nd to 4th syllable in each of the two lines of the couplet). Also there is a cross rhyme in the first line of the 2nd sestet (between the 2nd to 4th syllable), tying the 1st sestet to the 2nd. So the rhyme scheme would be: aabccb, (b)ddeffe, (e)g (g)e. The letters in ( ) are the cross rhymes.

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Thursday photo prompt – Alone #writephoto


You’re a figment of imagination
I’m not frighten but I’m feeling lonely
Layers of fantasy with no caption
It could be fun, naughty, puissant, angry

What would you gain by hiding there?
Are you aware that I am here?
Would like to cheer with finery
If you agree that is

My gnossienne I’ve realised
I’m criticised for what I miss
Like I dismiss what isn’t clear
Hormones queer like princess

Alone being on top of the mountain
Sometimes it’s fun being one of nature
I need answer to questions that begun
I was stunned to challenges there were

Are you still in my imagination?
Through my action and reaction we’re free
Busy as bee, we’re one in a billion
Chain of beacon carried here with bounty*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The LaJemme is a 5 stanza form created by poets Laura Lamarca and Jem Farmer.

Meter: consistently iambic

Stanza 1, 10 syllables per line, Rhyme scheme abab, 4th syllable of each line is to rhyme with the end rhyme of the preceding line.

Stanza 2, syllable count: 8/8/8/6, Rhyme scheme cdef, with cross rhymes in each couplet on 4th syllable

Stanza 3, syllable count 8/8/8/6, Rhyme scheme gfdf, 4th syllable of each line follows the same rule as stanza 1.

Stanza 4, 10 syllables per line, Rhyme scheme hihi, 4th syllable of each line is to rhyme with the end rhyme of the preceding line.

Stanza 5, 10 syllables per line, Rhyme scheme abab, 4th syllable of each line is to rhyme with the end rhyme of the preceding line.


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Thursday photo prompt – Sails – #writephoto


Nothing can trigger what I feel
No matter how I shake it off
I mean sunset beams like blast-off

The wind carries me with the reel
Picks up my poor spirit by sea
Posts me hope as I am born free

With string of faith I can be healed
With patience and time I’ll be fine
The shine on the sails is a sign

Forgiveness I beg as I kneel
For I am human after all
In this great world I am small

I’ll be good with grace so genteel
Appreciate nature around me
The birds, flowers, mountains and sea*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Constanza, created by Connie Marcum Wong, consists of five or more 3-line stanzas. Each line has a set meter of eight syllables. The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an independent poem, with the rest of the poem weaved in to express a deeper meaning. The first lines convey a theme written in monorhyme, while the second and third lines of each stanza rhyme together.

Rhyme scheme: a/b/b, a/c/c, a/d/d, a/e/e, a/f/f………etc.


For: Thursday photo prompt – Sails – #writephoto, Wordle 309 Jul 22 by brenda warren


Thursday photo prompt – Mask #writephoto


“Remember, remember,
the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
We see no reason why
Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!”
– words to Guy Fawkes rhyme

Penny for the Guy, the children chant
They solicit combustible materials
Money, food and drinks with songs
Getting ready for the bonfire night

A secret plot to overthrow the king
When plot was made with their rant
They got caught in their plight
Now celebrating the plot’s failure

Remember, remember the fifth of November
When I was in Britain, it was always a sight
Big bonfires all over town, and we can burn
All furniture we don’t need, plus fireworks display

For: Thursday photo prompt – Mask #writephoto


Thursday photo prompt – Peace – #writephoto


Snuggle in bed, peace at last
Noise in the city, such contrast
Breeze uplifting as leaves sway
Perhaps a sweet dream as I lay
A place I call my own, hope no one will trespass

I’m on my own coming today
I made my bed, it’s full of hay
The trees protect me from the sun
The bed and pillow from birchen
Life is cool and peaceful in my own hideaway

After my nap I’m back in form
Back to work where I could perform
Challenges to take with no fuss
Happy to serve, that’s a bonus
Then a Chinese meal with friends, hope there’s no storm*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Florette (Form No. 2), created by Jan Turner, is a variation and longer form of The Florette.

Rhyme scheme: a,a,b,b,a
Meter: 8,8,8,8,12
Iambic beat is required throughout (one unaccented followed by one accented syllable).

Like the outgrowing of a small flower, the fifth line of each stanza is longer, carrying four additional syllables than the first four lines.

For: Thursday photo prompt – Peace – #writephoto


Thursday photo prompt – Flight – #writephoto


After the cloudburst this afternoon
And the gladiola started blooming
No more slovenly living, we’re free

With straight posture, we become aware
Shake all the suffering and tenets
After the cloudburst this afternoon

No longer immured from miseries
We lifted our wings, radiating defiance
And the gladiola started blooming

Our galimatias we keep forever
Hereafter we’ll try to make it better
No more slovenly living, we’re free*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* Cascade, a form created by Udit Bhatia, is all about receptiveness, but in a smooth cascading way like a waterfall. The poem does not have any rhyme scheme; therefore, the layout is simple. Say the first verse has three lines. Line one of verse one becomes the last line of verse two. To follow in suit, the second line of verse one becomes the last line of verse three. The third line of verse one now becomes the last line of verse four, the last stanza of the poem. See the structure example below:

a/b/c, d/e/A, f/g/B, h/i/C


For: Thursday photo prompt – Flight – #writephoto, Wordle #161


Thursday photo prompt – The tunnel – #writephoto


In the dead of the night
One can see from its height
Blackbird flaps its wings
It’s been hurt among other things
Its eyes flicker, free, as if to say
When it was hurt, it was an easy prey
Moment to see the light at the end of a tunnel
Time to move on, enough always in a baffle
Arise from a broken life and make it happen
Be brave, it happens only through its own action
As its wings flap downward, feathers mesh together
Finally helping it to fly high and got its own armour

breathe in
don’t drift away
for life is amazing
there’s light at the end of tunnel
hold on

For: Thursday photo prompt – The tunnel – #writephoto