Sentimental scene

Sentimental scene


Sentimental scene for a friend
Madly magical with flaming passion
Vapid violin all out
Basking beauty in sun’s splendour
Sweet singing and so sad
Lovers lounging in dainty deck
Sentimental scene for a friend*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Alliterisen (Complex and Rhyming), a form created by Udit Bhatia, is a simple seven-lined poem with a specific syllable pattern and two alliterations per line. For example: Glorious Graves, and wonderful waves. Alliteration is the succession of similar consonant sounds. They are not recognized by spelling, but rather by sounds. The syllable structure for the Complex Alliterisen is as follows:

1st line- x syllables
2nd line- x+2 syllables
3rd line- x-1 syllables
4th line- (x+2)-1 syllables
5th line- x-2 syllables
6th line- (x+2)-2 syllables
7th line- x syllables

which allows for infinite syllable sequences. Listed below are examples of some easy syllable sequences.

Sequence #1:

1st line- 8 syllables
2nd line- 10 syllables
3rd line- 7 syllables
4th line- 9 syllables
5th line- 6 syllables
6th line- 8 syllables
7th line- 8 syllables (same as first)

For: April PAD Challenge: Day 13, 13th day of NaPoWriMo


To Mother Dear with love

To Mother Dear with love


Oh mother dear you are so great

So happy that we got your trait

Ever so happy and relax

The world always bright and peaceful

Still active, your day never dull

You’re living your life to the max

For mother’s day, we all say thanks

For being there and filling blanks

Giving your all and at our backs


(c) ladyleemanila 2017

Trouble, Oh We Got Trouble*


Trouble, oh we got trouble
Walking on an icy road
Goats drink in frigid water
She huddled up close to him
He’s not even her husband
Wife just shrugged and
Went home to keep herself warm
Husband be prepared for the debate
If I was her I’d cut his throat
A pressing doom and gloom
For his Zodiac sign
Trouble, oh we got trouble

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just breathe
no reason
some mistake
no turning back, just go
don’t be glued to what we do
life’s full of ups and downs
just breathe
finding peace
remain as one piece
it’s inside us
key is being free
no pressure
normal to err

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When cold winter decides to leave
Spring comes forth to keep us warm
New leaves and blooms start to pop
We have to plant and harvest crop
New thread to spin, new cloth to weave
From trees, shrubberies and bushes
Carry on, don’t stop

* reblog from my archive