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Mommy Duck*

We cycled to our favourite park and there they were Mommy duck and her little brood, endearing as ever We waited for them to waddle pass us in our spot Mommy duck followed by her ducklings Last spring Mommy duck was making a nest Then she unveiled the nest and out they came They circled […]

Anomaly *

A faint rainbow up the sky Sky from light blue to greyish blue Blue I feel when you’re not with me Me and you, I say with a plea Plea that we will endure this isolation Isolation from the rest of the world World in this flat horizon, not one soul Soul, heart and spirit, […]

I am who I am, but tomorrow, who knows?*

Ladylee’s my name Manila used to be my home Married to Him Indoors 30 years this year Mum to HRH the son Now married to his beautiful K I’m happy with my life Swimming, cycling, travelling Reading, blogging, taking photos Life is wonderful indeed! * reblog from my archive

Day 22 #Loveuary❤ – Love could be like an addiction

love could be like an addiction it’s like being obsessed with you sticking with you like a glue love could be like a sin that spun I know some bumpy rides ahead of course, promises were misled for sure, we’ve got a lot of fun are we in or out, out or in? argue, scream, […]

Finding Peace *

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll Is it wrong to search my soul? So I know what indeed is my role When I wonder deep down its meaning And forgiveness I am begging When I pushed the cobwebs of lies And each one has his lows and highs Is it wrong to find atonement? When […]

Listen To That Thunder*

Listen to that thunder Full of rage and fury Bursting with anger The sky breaks loose And I want to flee Transforming the sky Objecting to the silence Upheaval seems to amplify Like it’s time for a vengeance And I ask, why me? The ease of water rolling Wind blustering like mad To the flood […]

Calling All Creative Minds/Peace lovers/dreamers/finders of hope to our creative collaboration – Tales of Love

The exploding tea-drinker

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
“She’s going to blow!” The gentlemen may have found it amusing. I did not. We had often stopped at this particular place for a pot of tea mid-afternoon and it was always a pleasant pause beside the fire of the old coaching inn. It had been bad…

What Happens To The Body When It Doesn’t Get Enough Exercise

Originally posted on All About Writing and more:
Many things happen to the body when it doesn’t get enough exercise. Unfortunately, it goes way beyond gaining weight. It’s important to remember that even a little bit of exercise is better than no exercise at all. Continue reading to learn more about the dangers of inactivity.…

12805791_10153837237280867_1972814869596843712_n February 08

Sandbox Writing Challenge #76 — Life!

The first turning point for me was when I first left my country. I was 23. The first time to be away from my family, the first time to travel to Europe, my adventure. I could still remember that day when they all took me to the airport, my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, […]

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