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imgp4858 February 06

Greek girls picking up pebbles on the beach

by Frederick Leighton Greek girls picking up pebbles on the beach Their fingernails becoming brown from them Sea breeze and under the sun their clothes bleached Soldiers come back, saying a prayer each Not to get wet holding on to their hems Greek girls picking up pebbles on the beach Their bodies covered with pink, […]

02a6 January 22

Prompt #1977 Visual Prompt – Wedding Portrait

Photo Credit: Wedding Bells on Last Door Down the Hall Blog   give and take heart and soul two hearts one soul in sickness and in health to cope with the heavy burden giving light and support to each other touching the earth and reaching for the stars settling down and giving birth to the […]

kissing_in_the_rain_by_latoday January 17

Harbinger of spring – Photo Challenge #148

– Anja Bührer white bubbles of froth jostle in the lake witch hazels and yew harbinger of spring trudging through the greens, life in stake they crush inward without any break psittacism speech together they sing white bubbles of froth jostle in the lake hoping toes not be bitten by snake hoping also not a […]

dsc04614 January 15

I singe when I touch the water

I singe when I touch the water waking up my senses, becoming one shrill in my head reaching its peak and I’m confused and what was that at the altar? altar was covered with ribbons with blue stitches all over the circle drawing our attention to the goblet of bones as we listen to the […]

sms_by_bfaupin-d6lwc6o January 08

Writing Prompt: January 8th – SMS

Sms by bfaupin the siren call to take a leap to flee from truth   I feel small the fall is steep end of my youth   a feeble cheat a single seal preen and lean   to greet and meet a real deal what do you mean?   (c) ladyleemanila 2017 For: Writing Prompt: […]

dsc04074 December 19

Humbug! – Monday Morning Melts #6

In the tidal wave of Christmas shopping Would you like this one or that thing? Like being in amphetamine in the wildness The nearer the day, the more I’m feeling anxious Got zilch idea what to give you, being barefaced Want to impress you and it’s got to be aced At first I was sanguine […]

10858411_10152865047645867_3195201795380192637_n December 18

Buddha as symbol of peace

I’m sitting comfortably in the lounge Thoughts slipping into a familiar groove Now legs crossed in the couch with soft cushion Following Buddha as symbol of peace No grinding sound, all machines’ volume off The huge room is as silent as the grave Not afraid to put cards on the table Perfect time to meditate […]

13912796_10154259881830867_4604388353967769012_n December 13

Photo Challenge #143 – face in black

Elisabeth Anna  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, as the curse goes Capture our hearts as the lantern glows He looks totally askance at the mystical tradition Gnashes his teeth as he follows his descendants Drinks an edelweiss liqueur and eats some birdseed Paints his face in black and that may be irrevocable For all […]

dsc03956 December 11

Sunday Photo Fiction – December 11th 2016 – The Torch

One, two, three, I need the answer Else I put this on high, the torch Foul, my instincts say and thereafter The spin gained a momentum as it scorch Hit the ball to win the game Board games and the like, such is sport Tell me the truth, I keep this aflame Think about it […]

img_20160710_085112 December 09

Finish Off Fridays #3: Snowballs of Hay & Garden Gargoyles (09.12.16)

Overnight, giant snowballs of hay appeared in the field I am flattered to see this inexhaustible supply The hay were not in clutters but all lined in the field As bellwether in the farm, I began to groove With my handbag, I entered into a Faustian pact Of late, I was familiar with the nuances […]

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