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March 12

I Want Your Smiles – #weeklysmile Reminder 62

Hello everyone! I miss you all! Just got back from my three-week holiday and I had great fun visiting my mother and meeting some friends and relatives, swimming in the ocean, eating halo-halo and other Filipino food. I went to Batanes with my mother for 5 days and toured around the island. It is the […]

February 05

Playgroup, school, he’s our khan – Writing Prompt, 5th February – Villanelle

He came, we had fun and he’s gone Years of waiting and he was here Playgroup, school, he’s our khan We used to bake cake and scone He played football, too and we cheer He came, we had fun and he’s gone He loved dönner kebab and prawn He played music for us to hear […]

January 30

Prompt #1985 Night in the Forest

Photo Credit: Forstbetrieb Fichtelberg on Flickr Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest. Part of the nunchi from the bar suggested that there was a hidden treasure in the forest. A nexus of ideas started forming in his head. Perhaps if he ventured out, the treasure could […]

January 29

Poetry – Writing Prompt #193 “Collage 35”

hints of dark suggestions that’s how poem works full of secrets but fun brewing in a cirque that’s how poem works hidden formulae, too bubbles in brainwork butterfly in a view full of secrets but fun unlocking the door a peacock in action a girl I adore brewing in a cirque cauldron of ideas with […]

January 13

Writing Prompt #10 – Would you rather… Fly or invisible

I’d rather be able to fly like a butterfly! I dream that I am a butterfly Typography gets me down, but lets me fly Fluttering, floating, wandering on high Lifting my head from between my thighs Like a flaccid flower in a fairy dance Birds and bees all got up and left at once Graceful […]

January 12

Writing Prompt #9 – Would you rather… Time

I’d rather travel back in time then I’m part of history and perhaps learn a lesson or two. SPARE MY PARADISE time travel time to spare spare me a piece of your mind spare me your mercy mercy, mercy mercy, my Lord Lord, I am not worthy Lord of the universe universe to travel universe […]

January 09

Prompt #1964 The Rules of Magic

Molly, the magician made that watch disappeared as part of his tricks. Many people were amazed. Maybe because of all his gimmicks and great entertainment on stage. A group of mariachis also played until midnight. Meanwhile, a watch miraculously appeared at the mortuary where Mario was working. “Whoa, where did that come from?” his mouth […]

January 08

Prompt #104 – Spirit

SOUL TO SOUL Vessel of your love, dear I’m here to give you cheer As the birds fly and sing See what the day will bring We pace by the sunlit And dance by the moonlit Vessel of your courage We honour our marriage In sickness and in health In silence and stealth Together we […]

January 08

Writing Prompt: January 8th – SMS

Sms by bfaupin the siren call to take a leap to flee from truth   I feel small the fall is steep end of my youth   a feeble cheat a single seal preen and lean   to greet and meet a real deal what do you mean?   (c) ladyleemanila 2017 For: Writing Prompt: […]

January 06

Writing Prompt #5 – Favourite memory of 2016

The year 2016 was a very important year for us. It was the year of travel, love and marriage. We celebrated our Pearl Wedding Anniversary (30 years). We went to the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia in February to celebrate it. I flew to the Philippines first and took my mother and aunt to Hong Kong. […]


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