Calm – Daily Prompt

Calm – Daily Prompt

we went up the cliff to see the sunset in Siem Reap. We sat on the grass and waited for it. It was so calm.

a calm evening

the calmness of the sea

a calming view


getting ready
the calm before the storm
the party begins


The oasis of serenity when everything’s at peace. Blue sky with cotton like clouds, calm sea, green grass and trees and the island across my bench. Birds flying and singing above me, ah, this is heaven! The joy of being here, the freedom I feel of love and happiness. This is my favourite place when I want to be alone and commune with nature, when I want to say thanks for all the blessing that I have or when I want to drown my sorrow and pain, leave them here and move on with life. This is where I can find my peace, to remain whole and to be free. I may not be perfect, but this place is pure bliss.

Oasis of peace
Feeling of love and delight
Sitting on the bench

For: Calm

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, December 21st 2016, Christmas Time

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, December 21st 2016, Christmas Time

From the 16th of December, people in the Philippines have been hearing the simbang gabi (dawn masses). Filipinos go to church at four o’clock in the morning and afterward have breakfast together. A traditional drink during this season is a warm ginger tea called salabat and a traditional treat is a flat but thick yellow rice cake called bibingka. They have their parols and other Christmas decorations. My granny used to marinate the ham or cure it for Christmas. We used to have keso de bola, and other kakanin, mostly made of rice flour. Every school, office , group, club will have their Christmas parties.

The Philippines is known for having the world’s longest Christmas season. The four months that end with the syllable “–ber” are considered Christmas months, which is why stores and households start playing carols on the first day of September! And the holiday season extends beyond December 31st. It doesn’t end until the Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings (Tatlong Hari) which falls around January 6.

What every Filipino looks forward to is Noche Buena, the grand family dinner after the midnight mass. Christmas morning is the time for visiting relatives. Filipinos wear new if not their best clothes. Children do mano, which is kissing or bringing to their forehead the hand of an elderly person. This is when they receive their pamasko, certainly aguinaldo from godfathers and godmothers. Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner are with family.

rejoice! for He is coming
Lord Jesus is born

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, December 21st 2016, Christmas Time

Creativity Challenge 31 – Breathe

Creativity Challenge 31 – Breathe

just breathe
no reason
some mistake
no turning back, just go
don’t be glued to what we do
life’s full of ups and downs
just breathe
finding peace
remain as one piece
it’s inside us
key is being free
no pressure
normal to err


One morning I woke up and immediately felt very, very strange. Getting out of bed I looked around and discovered I was in a high-end, swanky hotel suite. And, there was someone in the bed. I had no idea how I got there, or who the person in the bed was.

Then I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and saw someone completely and entirely unknown; in all ways different from myself. But I didn’t feel like someone else, I felt exactly like who I was and always have been.

Panic kicked in. I wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of whatever hell I had found myself in.

Just then the door to the other room in the suite opened and a man walked in and greeted me. The person in bed woke up, stretched, yawned and asked the time. The man replied, “It’s time to get a move on and do this thing, right?” and looked at me, waiting for a reply.

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak. What was happening? Why was I here and why was my spirit separated from my body? Am I dead? But then he looked at me and asked me a question, what does he mean?

The woman who was asleep was now awake. Her soft voice was like hearing an angel, if ever there was one. She was gorgeous, long brown hair, eyes twinkling. She could melt the frayed ends of the cord with her voice. She got out of bed, her feet touching the floor.

The man looked at her and said sorry for last night’s bickering. He didn’t mean to hurt her and could they start again, he pleaded. Their eyes met and they embraced, kissing and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

And then the alarm clock signalled me to wake up …. What a dream!

For: Creativity Challenge 31

Enthusiasm – Daily Prompt

Enthusiasm – Daily Prompt


when you wish for something, then
follow your footsteps
or your instinct, to be sure
reflect on concepts

or follow someone who’s great
for inspiration
be full of enthusiasm
and of course, have fun


stars in the sky
gather them and make a wish
the stars smile

Now you see me, now you don’t
Will you miss me if I’m absent?
Camouflaged perfectly well
Putting the matter in a nutshell

A normal being going through life
Will I see you in our afterlife?
The crickets chirped tediously
A caterpillar wanted to be free

A wasp embedded in an amber
A chameleon changing its colour
I’m falling on the edge of the abyss
I’m muddled but couldn’t give it a miss

My flesh is weak and I’m drifting away
I acted like a fool and I was led astray
It was a tame affair but still hidden
What was done couldn’t be undone

A secret so to speak in the mist of tides
I wish I could just take them in strides
From a poppy seed to certain flings
Nothing to whirl and have that strut

On both mind and body it takes its toll
Love soars from earth to infinity
For love of love, or heart’s solitude
Who cry for shadow and cannot tell

Begrudge I come with a plea
Never a sunny day for a feud
Tried to stifle the thoughts
Life is full of different plots


I wish I were
A doctor when I was ten
With stethoscope and
Always wearing something white
Very smart and cool
But things have changed as I grew
I’ve travelled instead
To Europe and America
I met Him Indoors
Chemistry all the way
Action and reaction
We got married instead
Now I teach English
And I love the change


Enthusiasm is a vital ingredient
In all human undertaking
Spreading like wild flowers
Tangled up with challenges
Like planets spinning forever
While angels treading inaudibly
And spacecraft hovering around
Let’s not lose hope and be patient
For tomorrow’s the day we wait
Tomorrow’s endeavour will come
Looking forward to tomorrow


He received a collection of laser pointers for his birthday.
Joey can’t wait to show them to Tom. Soon they were pointing them everywhere – at the cat, trees in the forest, people passing by. They even tried to make their own laser show, in time with the music. “That was cool!” they both said in enthusiasm.

“Come on Tom, let’s go to the airport and see if we can make the pilot turn his plane,” suggested Joey. “OK,” as Tom ran after Joey.

They looked for an appropriate place to try their laser pointers. They tried to point them to the pilot’s eyes. It was a good thing the guard saw them and told them off. No damage done, thank goodness!

For: Enthusiasm. Also for: Nurt Thurs – A New Day

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Creativity Challenge 30 – Beautiful

Creativity Challenge 30 – Beautiful

He was a Captain of the Ship from a Spanish lineage, tall, dark and handsome. She was a short, native Filipina, with big brown eyes, flat nose, and long wavy hair. Both young and beautiful, they fell in love and got married. Everything was rosy. They had many children. They called each other “dear” until the end of their lives. He loved reading; he wrote the meaning of some words at the side of the books he read. She was a good business woman. He died of Parkinson’s disease; she followed after 6 months, perhaps from a broken heart… My grandparents’ story.


rest in peace our Jha
we still miss you our angel
our beautiful niece

Jessamine was she
her memories lingered
as if she was here


You could feel it in the air. Look at the apple tree, its blossom arriving like cake frosting with creams. The petals are like silk hearts ready to flutter down as gentle rain. The leaves full of last night’s dew.

People getting ready. One mowing the lawn, the other one picking some flowers. He’s putting his best tie on. She’s putting her make-up on, her dress all ironed. The children all bathed and in their best behaviour. The table elegantly set with crystal glasses and silver cutlery. Bottles of champagne and wine getting chilled. The morning of the big day.


how do I love you?
in many ways
I dreamed what you dreamed

love is powerful and intense
beautiful and messy
it turns me inside out

when we breathe same air
when it’s magical
two hearts become one soul


For: Creativity Challenge 30