Carpe Diem Crossroads #13 chilly coolness


chilly coolness
my feet on the wall
for a midday nap

the color of wind
planted artlessly
in a garden of reeds

© Matsuo Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)


A chill in the air
Scent of blossoming bluebell
Swaying with the wind

A chill in the air
You gave me your coat
On our evening walk

Scent of blossoming bluebell
Birds tweeting up the trees
Fairy tale that weaves

Swaying with the wind
A new season is at hand
Hope for you and me

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: Carpe Diem Crossroads #13 chilly coolness

FOWC with Fandango — Fear


Fear not, my sweet one
For it always come, the sun
Cut the vicious line before it spreads
The red threads and all the eggheads
Don’t crease the scheme, might be useful
If you don’t do it now, you won’t be able
The lure of the flood of stream coming
And then looking forward to spring
The fact is, we don’t have to follow any line
It’s up to us to have our own sunshine

For: FOWC with Fandango — Fear


Friday Fictioneers – Crime scene


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “As If Made of Blue Legos” by Susan Firer: hologram, touch, lips, crown, tundra, stand, lifelong, garden, sings, anyone, parking, close

Crime scene, do not enter, guilty as sin
Will he suffer lifelong guilt for what he did?
In the garden of shame he cannot win
Holograms of events which were acrid
He cannot sing, he cannot touch his chin
Don’t stand too close to him, that’s forbid
Wait for the decision of the Crown Court
With the Chief of Police as his escort

Caught him on the ground in an open tundra
The police were closely observing his acts
Anyone of his victims in trauma
Detectives were collecting all the facts
Looks like he’s guilty with all the drama
Lots of witnesses and all the extracts
Justice should be done as crime doesn’t pay
He could stay in prison till doomsday*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Ottava Rima

For: 13 July 2018 Friday FictioneersWhirligig 170

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Music Challenge #31: “Killing Me Softly” – The Fugees #amwriting #musicchallenge #MLMM

T’was a masterful illusion
Great finesse of a charmer, hun
A charlatan who sells nostrums
And with all the catalogue of lies, such craftsman

Dreams were shattered, you as lover
Central to it was money err
I could have empathise with you
You have got to do it and left me here after

My cri de coeur, don’t leave me here
Brevity of love you smeared
I have to get up and move on
Coping up and learning the lesson, that is clear

(c) ladyleemanila 2018


For: Music Challenge #31: “Killing Me Softly” – The Fugees #amwriting #musicchallenge #MLMM, Wordle #203

Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale # 179 – Voyage of Discovery – 12/7/18

Image: The Mayflower – Google images (Labelled for reuse)

My own voyage of discovery
Crossing the seas, searching for truths
No agenda, no deadlines, just try
The road may not be smooth nor straight
Could be curved, rugged, low or high

My own voyage of discovery
I’m my own author and speaker
I have fallen down once or twice
But I have to make myself rise
Determination and sacrifice

My own voyage of discovery
Met a lot of people on the way
Made me happy, sad or frustrated
They may come and go but few remain
Met Him Indoors and we were knotted

My own voyage of discovery
Some, I’ve known, some still surprising
So far I’m happy with what I’ve got
Counting my blessings, sharing some
Still learning, all the lessons taught*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Monchielle


For: Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale # 179 – Voyage of Discovery – 12/7/18Time To Write: Random Words 10 [Creative Writing Prompt]

July 12: Flash Fiction Challenge – broken fence


This used to be our garden
We ran, spun and had fun
The old oak tree by the fence
Now the fence is broken and shun

We were brash and made lots of pretence
Quite rambunctious, please no offense
Running till we were all breathless
Between all of us, we had sixpence

The gate used to creak, no fuss
Playing hide and seek with us
Outside until we were tanned
The world was vast, was bonus

This used to be our dreamland
Played everywhere and the sand
We grew up fast, world expand
Memories of our youth, always grand*

(c) ladyleemanila

* Quatrain

For: July 12: Flash Fiction Challenge