Jolly – Daily Prompt


my childhood memories
dazzling, fun so to speak
us children making a mess
always a menace, plain to see
throwing and kicking ball
tackling, blocking, catching
one time hit the window
boy, my father was mad
after that we were grounded
we didn’t mind, things to do
played games, listened to music
dyed my hair black
that was my Goth era
my siblings bursting with light
full of beans before breakfast
friends came over, jolly fun

For: Jolly

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Oh what a night when she performed


Oh what a night when she performed
Standing room only
From a place that’s always so warm
Crossing the seven seas
Proud of herself, she cried in joy
From the Philippines she’s the envoy
Proud of herself
Proud of herself
As “Miss Saigon” we all enjoyed
Oh what a night when she performed
She was only sixteen
Theatre was full and people swarmed
Marvellous in her scene
Through her journey we felt her pain
Celebrated with her with champagne
Through her journey
And through her journey
We don’t mind watching her again
Oh what a night when she performed

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: December 7: Flash Fiction Challenge


All that lies broken


All that lies broken
Assault of senses
Last night at the bar
Puppet falling down
Deep into his seat
In this case, breakdown
Running through his life
Sailing through Chinatown

Friends nudge each other
Affording nothing
Wallet left ajar
He said things in slur
Betrayal so deep
Without his armour
Trying to be clown
Went to sea and drown*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* Octameter


For: Sunday Writing Prompt #232 “It’s All In The Title”, Wordle 329 Dec 9 by brenda warren


Sunday Photo Fiction – Traces of rain in the courtyard

© Eric Wiklund

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Final Autumn” by Annie Finch: black, courtyard, cold, crams, past, traces, visit, fingers, block, final, homecoming, rain

Traces of rain in the courtyard
As we wait for the homecoming
A final visit of them all

Would there be sorrow in the call?
As we block memories that cling
Cold reality that’s so hard

The past is the past be on guard
It’s like having a black spring
Emitting a mournful squall

Like finger painting on the wall
Cramming things of what they can bring
And in life we might be scarred

We need atonement of the past
In every trial we must pass*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* Trilonnet

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – December 10th 2017, Whirligig 141

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