20 Days of Chill: Popularity (Day 19)

20 Days of Chill: Popularity (Day 19)

graphics-kites-225381Hello everyone! Hope you are all fine. I’m sharing you a song which was popular when I first left the country in the 80s. We used to sing this and somehow, made me realise my high ambition in life and also to have fun in life. Have a lovely week everyone!

Matayog ang lipad ng saranggola ni Pepe
Matayog ang pangarap ng matandang bingi
Umihip ang hangin, nawala sa paningin
Sigaw ng kahapon, nilamon na ng alon
Malabo ang tunog ng kampanilya ni Padre
Maingay ang taginting, rosaryo ng babae

Lofty flies Pepe ‘s kite
Ambitious old deaf
The wind blew , disappears
Cry of yesterday , swallowed by waves
The faint sound of the Father’s bell
Noisy resonance , woman’s rosary


from two girls
I can’t believe it
just passing by the centre
human hope spreading around
brighten up my life
made my day


skating is fun
lots of tricks
twists and turns
cruising effortlessly down
popular sport!

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20 Days of Chill: Dreams (Day 17)

20 Days of Chill: Dreams (Day 17)

Take a chance on me
I’ll be with you with glee
I may be clumsy
I may be breezy
But I listen to your dreams
With strawberries and creams
The world may be shattering
You may be living on a shoestring
But I’ll settle down here with you
We won’t eat what we can’t chew
The sky’s the limit
We don’t say “but..”
Your name’s my favourite
As well as chocolate
I might vanish in thin air
So handle me with care
I may rub your sore spot
But look what I’ve bought
And you can see me through
See how much I grew
Like a glass, no secrets
Of pure gold, with 24 carats
I wear my heart on my sleeve
And everything I can achieve

I believe in dreams
I dare say all’s possible
the world’s my oyster


I never believe in dreams
They were just for kids, it seems
Like one of their childish games
But you came and I’m in flames
I’m still smiling with that beam

When I sleep, I dream of you
In the blue sky and you flew
Searching and calling my name
– Believe in dreams

Now I believe in daydreams
Hoping you are my mainstream
And my heart you have inflamed
Dream to be with you I claim
With preference, my eyes gleam
– Believe in dreams

For: 20 Days of Chill: Dreams (Day 17)

20 Days of Chill: Zurich, Switzerland (Day 15)

20 Days of Chill: Zurich, Switzerland (Day 15)

I was 23 when I first left my country. The first time to be away from my family, the first time to travel to Europe, my adventure. I could still remember that day when they all took me to the airport, my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends – quite disheartening, actually. I was sad to leave them, but at the same time, looking forward to my journey.


A week after I’ve arrived in Switzerland, it started snowing. I couldn’t believe my eyes; the whole world was blanketed in white! It was so incredibly gorgeous and perfect, no footsteps in it, just lumps and bumps where plants sat in the gardens and cars entirely covered in snow. I was mesmerised. As soon as I’ve felt its powdery texture, I thought to myself, “This was the White Christmas people were dreaming about.” I couldn’t imagine that just a week ago, from sweltering morning – traffic starting to build up in Manila. The noise of cars, taxis, motorcycles, vans and jeepneys beeping and honking, children going to school and adults to work, street vendors selling taho (soya) or peanuts. Such a difference! A normal hectic day in Manila compared to a peaceful, snowy one in Switzerland.

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20 Days of Chill: The next 10 years (Day 14)

20 Days of Chill: The next 10 years (Day 14)


This photo was taken when HRH the son had his degree at the University. Then two years later, he had his Masters, too. Last year, he got married to his beautiful K (twice!) – in the UK in May and in India in August. Now, they’re settling fine in the south of England. In the next ten years, who knows?


The next ten years, Him Indoors and I are hoping we’re healthy, probably retired and happy in our new routine. We’d like to still be travelling and experiencing new adventures together.

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20 Days of Chill: Stress(Day 12)

20 Days of Chill: Stress(Day 12)

As time passes me by
Collected memories
And I enjoyed the breeze
These things we cannot buy
As we run and fly high
Always the day we seize

Memories of the past
Will stay in my heart
Listening to Mozart
That was always a blast
When time went so fast
And soon we’ll all depart

Appreciate little things
And our awakenings


what is this fear, that of unknown?
ignorance and not being shown
venturing out is not that bad
new experience for us to add, so let’s not moan

some delicate juggling process
we don’t know and we have to guess
trial and error is required
anything to make us inspired, don’t need stress


how we giggle us three friends
creating ripples
like a child’s spinning top
sweet as caramels

sharing a giggle is fun
upsurge of pure glee
builds up like water in dam
release to be free


pretty butterfly, its wings beating the summer air
youth and innocence, good qualities to possess
happy as a cloud as it flutters around the square
yin and yang the balance of the soul for its success
nurturing the flowers as it flies to them with care
gracious as the sun and wind sighing without stress

For: 20 Days of Chill: Stress(Day 12)