Photo Blogging Challenge (December 2016): ‘Tis the Season

Photo Blogging Challenge (December 2016): ‘Tis the Season


’tis the season to be jolly, everyone’s happy to be free

round and round the carousel goes, as long as it got heat, it glows

leche flan, a family’s recipe, too rich to resist!

dsc04284roast turkey, roast potatoes, vegetables, minced pies and Christmas pudding

heard a Holy Mass on Boxing Day, the music was brilliant, like voices coming from heaven


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Tell Me Something Good #37

Tell Me Something Good #37

Happy Boxing Day! Hope you are alright. We had a lovely Christmas Day yesterday, cosy and fun! Woke up, had breakfast, exchanged gifts, relaxed, prepared dinner (roast turkey with stuffing, roast potatoes, veggies, Christmas pudding). Watched Dr. Who, then Strictly Come Dancing. This morning, we heard mass near our place. It was amazing, with the choir, orchestra and a visiting priest from Togo.

For: Tell Me Something Good #37

Festive – Daily Prompt

Festive – Daily Prompt


what an amazing life – full of colours
in an acre of land, green, yellow, red
paint spread like a peaceful bank ambler
and everywhere and anywhere to head

vibrant colours of butterfly
we can classify each a piece
the flowers that are blossoming
the joy they bring for us

vegetables in market stalls
first view enthral us, that’s no fuss
an actress who’s like a showpiece
go in peace, it’s a plus

our life is brilliant, together we live
enjoy festive times when it’s possible
to be able to be kind and forgive
of course, to give one another sizzle

range of talent, ambler, reader, actor
to add author, nurse and someone that led
and to bake bread as well as a biker
wave a banner for concord to spread

It’s the season to be merry
Christmas market and lights to see
A festive one
So have some fun
Don’t forget to have a shopping spree

Love is all around us, actually
Spread it everywhere with glee
You and me and all
Quite cold, you need a shawl
A season for malt wine and brandy

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Creativity Challenge 35 – Greetings

Creativity Challenge 35 – Greetings

Ang Pasko ay sumapit
Mano po Ninong at Ninang
Pagmamahal sa mundo
Magdiwang tayong lahat

Christmas has finally come
Bless godfather and godmother
Love is for the whole world
Let’s all celebrate Christmas


The crumpled paper and tinsel meant that all presents were given and opened, greetings and thanks were said, the waiting and the excitement really happened. They also meant that another Christmas has come and gone, that we all celebrated it in different ways, usually with our loved ones. Having said that, we should also think of others who celebrated it by themselves, or who cannot celebrate it for some reason or another. That we should be thankful for all our blessing, the good and the bad things that happened to us, and hopefully learning our lessons in life. Cheers everyone!

For: Creativity Challenge 35

It was Christmas morning and all through the house…..

It was Christmas morning and all through the house…..


We hear the sound of children whispering excitedly… ”Has Father Christmas been?” “Has he eaten the minced pie we left for him and the carrot for the reindeer?” “ssshhh, we should still be in bed…”

A soft “Silent Night” was playing on the radio. Mum and Dad still in bed. One of the kids tiptoed to their room and went in the middle of the bed. Mum gave him a cuddle. And of course, the other kids followed, as well as Baxter the dog. They all stayed there, enjoying the morning cuddles and hugs, giggling and shifting about.

“Right,” said Dad. “Shall we all see what Father Christmas has left for us?” And the children all followed him going down the stairs.

Dad turned all the Christmas lights on, as well as the radio and the kettle. Mum woke up, too. The children saw their stockings full of lovely presents – socks, colouring books and pens, sweets, CDs, comics, games, etc. They also opened the other presents. Jack’s got a bike, scooter for Martin, Barbie doll for Sam, and books for Brigit. Baxter got a big bone to chew! Mum and Dad also got their presents. They kissed each other.

They all had their tea and some breakfast – sausage and bacon, cereals, eggs, fruit, bread and marmalade. At 10, they went to hear mass. Dad took them to the playground afterwards. Then Mum started cooking. Granny and Grandad were coming for dinner. The day ended well, all happy and contended. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day, too!

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – December 25th 2016