Weekend Writing Prompt #16 – Colours


I woke up and the sun’s bright yellow
Happy to start the day
I wore my blue jeans, more like marines
Went to market, bought my greens and whey

Swam in a pool with blissful white foam
Then met my friend for coffee
More like marines, I wore my blue jeans
Had red tea then went for shopping spree

Indigo and violet ice-cream
And she peels her orange fruit
I wore my blue jeans, more like marines
Then we went for our afternoon scoot*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The ZaniLa Rhyme, a form created by Laura Lamarca, consists 4 lines per stanza.
The rhyme scheme for this form is abcb and a syllable count of 9/7/9/9 per stanza.
Line 3 contains internal rhyme and is repeated in each odd numbered stanza.
Even stanzas contain the same line but swapped.
The ZaniLa Rhyme has a minimum of 3 stanzas and no maximum poem length.

For: Weekend Writing Prompt #16 – Colours

Writing Prompt Sunday, May 21st – Peculiar


To sleep, perchance to amaranthine dream
Sable horses gallop across moonbeam
To dream, ah, that is so chartreusely divine
Sailing across the lovat river Rhine
Where all her violescent thoughts meshed
And waking up feeling albicantly refreshed
Playing on each other in celadon fields
It’s as rough as a public park, the outfield
Wrestling with russet ideas and virid concepts
Eburnean piano piece one that she accepts
Bees’ aubergine knees, jacinthe cheese please
As she is embraced by the isabelline breeze
She dreams that she was a vermilion butterfly
Feeling happy as she hovers in the azure sky
Blooming, blushing, breezing, cinnabar breaming
She’s on top of the world as the whole place is bracing
Flapping wings smartly, enjoying its sarcoline nectar
Taking its time, fluttering with cerulean pleasure
Girl in a saffron dream in heliotrope paradise
She can soar up high as the xanthic sun will rise
And she floats and brings out a slow celadon yawn
Though she fears never shall she see titian dawn?

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Writing Prompt Sunday, May 21st – Peculiar