Constant – Daily Prompt

Sailing the ship
Taking bullet trains
Taking a stand
Of what’s proper
And good for humanity
Constant craving

Travelling to distant lands
Stretching my mind and muscles
Staying with you
Through thick and thin
With trust and devotion
Constant craving

Eating fish and chips
Charging like a bull
In a porcelain shop
Burning midnight oil
Blogging and posting
Constant craving

Walking on a path
Sometimes crooked lines
Enjoying my freedom
And being with you
Searching for truths
Constant craving

For: Constant

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Compromise – Daily Prompt


in a remote village of Nakakatakot
lived a woman called Manding
once a month she changed
to a monster called Manananggal
black wings appeared on her back
she separated her top from her torso
and flew away as the night grew dim
she needed some foetus
sucked their livers and hearts
she said she could smell pregnant women
she tried to stop herself but in vain
this power or accursed was passed on
to her by her mother
as a compromise, she tried to fly far away
away from her village, away from neighbours
hence they wouldn’t be her victims


We’ve got to collaborate to serve and care for the community.
There’s no need to compromise for their concerns.
It’s also our concern. Look at the present state – not a good sight.
Let’s now forget decades of inaction and stop blaming everyone.
Let’s forgive ourselves and move on. It’s time for action.
It’s time to listen, chat and contact them.
Time to cooperate and pull our resources together.
Prioritise and organise. Help our community all the way.
If not now, when? Let’s be proud of our community!

For: Compromise

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Simplify – Daily Prompt


A quiet Sunday in my town
I’m still wearing my nightgown
Still in bed, no alarm clock
Birds haven’t even squawk
Not a soul in sight
Such a peaceful plight
A faint rainbow in the sky
Better make my life simplify
Grey clouds, a shroud of mist
I still remember when he kissed
Take it easy today, quite a lazy day
It’s a weekend, I’m enjoying my day

For: Simplify

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Courage – Daily Prompt

The word for today is courage.

Courage as in defending what you think is important in your life. Like the mother swan in the lake protecting her children. No one would dare challenged her. She’s one tough mother!

Courage as in trying something you haven’t done before. Going out of your comfort zone.

Courage as in standing up for something that’s significant for you, i.e. your principles, belief, your family, friends. You don’t have to have the same opinion as the others. You are unique, one in a million and you should be proud of that.

For: Courage

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Wouldn’t it be good if you’re here?
Holding my hand to give me cheer
Watch the world as they slowly pass
And on the table our wineglass by the pier

Wouldn’t it be suave if we dance?
The light of the moon, that’s romance
You look into my eyes and how
My heart is beating fast somehow, like I’m in trance

Wouldn’t it be nice if we talk?
Like there’s no one else on the block
We have the whole time to ourselves
Reading poetry from the shelves and stay ad hoc

Wouldn’t it be great if we stay?
Like this forever and a day
And the challenges we can take
And all the best that we can make, we both say aye

For: Sweet

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Meet Mr. Molano


Meet Mister Molano
My strict Physics teacher
He didn’t carry any book
When he lectured us about Physics
They all came from his head
Very clever, no messing about
He wanted us to pay attention
To every word he uttered
So we’d have good grades
But if we got a zero
He’d hand the paper back to us
Very cautiously, as if it was an egg
And everybody knew what we had
And if we were good, he’d tell us so
Look at her, she’s a Lopez
I had her father and brother, too
They’ve all had it in them, well done!

For: Lecture

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Silhouette – Daily Prompt


They paused to see their silhouettes
Against the bright snow in the park
A snowy walk around the village
On New Year’s Day they went
Through the houses and the forest
Everywhere they saw the fragments
From the night before of fireworks
To greet the New Year with splendour
A new day, new hope, new beginning
Wishing everyone all the best for 2018!

For: Silhouette