Worth A Thousand Words #2 – A field of different flowers

Photo Credit: DeltaWorks @ Pixabay.com

A field of different flowers
Lavender, roses and cedars
Climbers and pine trees on borders
People come, watchers and amblers
Birds fly, trees sway, such open field
On the fourth side is our hayfield

I used to grow up on this field
Met Knight, we kissed and that’s all sealed
And in front of me, he just kneeled
Asked me to marry him, I yield
With open arms, we’re together
Don’t worry, we’ll stay as we were

We’re happy as we get older
And we are each other’s armour
Picnics in the field, sky’s azure
Son came, we live in our manor
Then soon, son flew and left his nest
My knight and I, we’re still blessed

Our field of different colours
Our lives in the past and futures
Take it all in strides and humours
Overcome the storms and hurdlers
Here’s for more years to come, my Knight
We fight but future’s still bright*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* LaCharta

For: Worth A Thousand Words #2

FOWC with Fandango — Present


Two weeks before the son’s wedding, Him Indoors took his great granddad’s watch from the drawer and looked at it one last time. He wore it on his wedding, a pocket silver watch from 1909, with a silver chain and a silver medal at the end. The medal was won by his great granddad from rugby and it still has the encryption of his name and the year. Ah, great heritage! HRH the son was delighted when we gave it to him. Such a precious present. He’s always been proud of his heritage, being half Filipino and half British. It was nice to see him happy.

An old silver watch
Passed on by his great granddad
The son wore it, too

(c) ladyleemanila

For: FOWC with Fandango — Present


K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Together forever

Who’s gonna be with me in the Ratskeller?
Who’s gonna strike a clump of two with me?
Who’s gonna order steak burnt to a cinder?
Life’s better with you, I come with a plea
Without you, my life is like a big blur
Without you, I’ll remain acedia baby
Coiled myself in front of the television
Scrawling your name over and over, hun

People say we’re antipodes of each other
That I’m a walrus and you’re a tiger
That I move on and pull myself together
If I change, can we please stay as we were?
In your hands I’m waiting for the answer
I miss you from the summer to the winter
I miss you like a rain in the desert
Come back and I promise you full comfort*

(c) ladyleemanila

For: K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.Our World: 25 June 2018

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Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

Paalam na po, Ama
Kahit napaka-aga pa
Kahit di ka pa dapat umalis
Kahit marami pang pagkakataon
Masakit isipin na iniwan mo na kami
Na wala ka na upang ipagdiwang
At ipamahagi aming mga kwento
Na hindi mo na makikita
Ang aming paglaki at mga apo mo
Mga araw-araw na nangyayari
Aming narating, aming mga problema
Aming puso na nabibiyak, aming kaligayahan
Paalam na po, Ama
Lumalhati nawa ang iyong kaluluwa

Goodbye, Dad
Although it was still early when you left us
Even when there should be more opportunities
It hurts to think that you left us
You were not here to celebrate with us
And listened to our stories
That you never saw us growing
and your grandchildren
The everyday things and happenings
What we have achieved, our problems
When our hearts break, our happiness
Farewell, Father
Let your soul rest in peace

Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – #175 – June 14th – Happy Ever After

Today we celebrate our 32nd Wedding Anniversary – yay!!! HRH the son and his beautiful K arrived yesterday and we are going to the fairy tale castle, Neuschwanstein this morning. In the evening we’re going to a posh Greek restaurant to celebrate it, the four of us! Tomorrow we invited some friends to be with us, too.

Wow, how time flies! To think that when we started we were both students or trainees, had moved from a studio in Birmingham, a maisonette with Mrs. Booth in Nottingham (we were on the top floor and every week we played cards with Mrs. Booth, bless her soul), a flat in Ramersdorf, a split house in Unterhaching, now a terrace house with a garden in the south of Munich. HRH the son was born two years after we moved to Germany and we have been living here for the last 28 years.

We’ve gone through thick and thin, through being fit and healthy to all the illnesses and now trying to be as healthy as possible. We’ve cried together, laughed a lot, sometimes ignored each other, accepted each other with all our quirks and idiosyncrasy, had a lot of tiffs, and so on. But at the end of it, we’re best mates, soul mates if there are such things and we don’t mind spending the rest of our lives together. Cheers everyone and thanks for letting us share our wedding anniversary with all of you.

Thirty two years of devotedness and love
All the experience and our adventure
With you it’s like a cooing of a dove
Together we try to find some answer

We’ve made our home and oh so contented
Our son and bride join us and tortoises
We’re grateful to all and feeling so blessed
Places we’ve visited give us real buzz

We’re so different and we argue sometimes
Each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies
We have created our own paradigms
One thing for sure, the day we always seize

(c) ladyleemanila

For: Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – #175 – June 14th – Happy Ever After, Tell Me Something Good #112

Sunday Photo Fiction – Together we face life

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

like a dove’s cooing
all the experience and love
we’re very grateful
in silence and stealth
we make our own history
together we face life

wild flowers abound
grass so green and sky so blue
beauty around us
frame of nature
the gentle waves of the sea
watching the sunset

coconut trees sway
paddy fields in the background
birds chirping sweetly
a new dawn, new life
feeling grateful for all things
happy with our lives

shuffling through with life
experience and challenges
good or bad, they’re ours
two hearts but one soul
until death do us part
our hearts beat as one

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – June 10, 2018