100 Word Wednesday: Sunrise, sunset, always amazing

Image by Bikurgurl

sunrise, sunset, always amazing
a spring and zing in life, stops us from ageing
a new dawn, a new beginning
always on the go, be it cycling, cooking or dancing
and when sunset is here, we know it’s time to rest
don’t digress, we have done our quest
life goes on and so we must carry on
like some cheerleaders, go on from hereon
new challenges – something we look forward
as we anchored and stirred life, don’t go backward
life is indeed wonderful
don’t be fretful but be graceful
our sunset
we are one
nature’s beauty
couldn’t ask for more

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 77

Thursday photo prompt: Beginnings #writephoto


We make our way back to his beginnings
With his luggage he asked for our blessings
Off he goes to places no one knows
Even if he freezes, as long as he grows
Curiosity is a useful gift and keeping him go
He has to start as early as the cockcrow
He knows he can’t just stand still
It’s a drill he does with all our goodwill
Keep going forward to reach some place
He even goes to retrace his birthplace
Motivation is a very significant factor
He knows what to do, he’s not a bragger
And determination to succeed, he adds
Like one of the wanderers or nomads

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: Thursday photo prompt: Beginnings #writephoto


100 Word Wednesday: Week 73 – I am sailing on dinghy boat

Image by Bikurgurl

I am sailing on dinghy boat
With a mast powered by the wind
I have fun, hope it stays float
Twenty five knots and a crosswind

Need to learn some racing tactics
The sails, the trim and all the mix
Side to side balance of the boat
An elegant sport to note

I keep sailing until I’m old
Feeling with the wind and water
When everything is in controlled
Singing a song for all drifters

I am sailing across the seas
With the birds up high and the breeze
Sailing is life or death for me
Challenge definitely with glee

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 73

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 39


For this challenge, I’m reblogging some of my earlier posts.

“I’ve always loved you, from the day we said hello, to now and to the future,” those were his words and I believed them. Days, months and years have passed. We carried on despite the difficulties and our circumstances. Until the wind changed. He broke his promises, he broke my trust and confidence and shattered my heart into pieces. The pain was unbearable and everything was black. But time is a great healer. I’ve learned my lessons and accepted the situation. I’m mending well, slowly. I realise that I’m the only one who could help myself and I have to move on. The world is beautiful and the future is bright.

After the darkness
Dawn always comes and brings hope
A new beginning


on the horizon I see the sunset
a classic golden flame along the shore
where harmony and tranquillity rest
blinded by the beauty of the landscape
walking along with my bare feet
consoling myself for letting you go
the tumult of your name and memories
exhausting me in my mind and sleep
tired with the steady beating of my heart
what was done was done and so we accept
echoes of the past and half of my life
of broken trust and misunderstanding
of betrayal and inconsideration
with a heavy heart, farewell and goodbye
that’s all we could say

I wish I could escape from this
That I cannot get you out of my mind
If only the circumstances are different
Heard this song, you I know I miss

Miss your sound, I wish to push out
Out of my mind, out of my being, too
Thank you for the memories, I know you exist
We’re not meant to be, that’s about

About the party we have been
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink
We drove to places where voted some of the best
Not late, parallel lives begin

Begin the healing, forgiving
When trust was broken, that was about it
Forgiven but not forgotten
Cannot get it out, the sting

Sting in the tail, so goodbye
Learn the lesson and time to move on, too
No regrets, we always say, best to part our ways
We’re not meant to be, you and I

For: Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 39

A Calendar of Sonnets: May by Helen Hunt Jackson

O Month when they who love must love and wed!
Were one to go to worlds where May is naught,
And seek to tell the memories he had brought
From earth of thee, what were most fitly said?
I know not if the rosy showers shed
From apple-boughs, or if the soft green wrought
In fields, or if the robin’s call be fraught
The most with thy delight. Perhaps they read
Thee best who in the ancient time did say
Thou wert the sacred month unto the old:
No blossom blooms upon thy brightest day
So subtly sweet as memories which unfold
In aged hearts which in thy sunshine lie,
To sun themselves once more before they die.

For: Nurt Thurs – Past and Future

Tale Weaver – #172 –Libraries – 24 May 2018


Leaning on an everlasting arm
Swarm of animals charming in a farm
It’s all about true grit and determination
Not to make myself anyone’s burden
Learning lessons from the books in the library
Relaxing, while having a nice cup of tea
Even though I’m still half-dressed, I’m reading
Basking in its glory, all brimming and breezing
I love to tell stories, make them up most of the time
Have a go, I’m sure you’ll love it in the meantime
It’s this feeling of creating something wonderful
Like first seeing a tiger in a jungle in Bengal
The world’s my stage, every person its characters
Every production is unique, and so are its bloopers
Interacting with each other, reacting to any situation
Everyone responsible for their own action and reaction

For: Tale Weaver – #172 –Libraries – 24 May 2018