Sunday at the beer garden

Hello everyone! Lovely day here and we’ve been out cycling to the beer garden. The sun’s shining, people walking and children running. Two fountains on the lake with all the ducks, geese, swans and fish. Such a cool place to have our lunch.

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Weekend Writing Prompt #45 – Spring


All winter long the garden is cold and bare
With the coming of spring, everywhere is lovely
Trees unfold their leaves, flowers bloom with flair
Apples blossom, all white and pure with such beauty
And the smell of wonderful rain and freshly cut grass
Buds coming out, take time to smell the flowers
The nature, as pure as I commune
The splendour that awaits us
Enchanting as they blossom

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: Weekend Writing Prompt #45 – Spring

FFfAW Challenge – the windmill

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Fandango. Thank you Fandango!

tulips and windmills
the Netherlands at its best
blue skies and tall trees

windmills or windpumps
generate electricity
convert energy

bicycles and trams
a cruise along the canal
“Hallo” with a smile

long weekend in Spring
flowers blooming, friends happy
lovely holiday

For: FFfAW Challenge-Week of February 27, 2018

Tale Weaver – #159 – February 14th – The Coming of Spring


Painting - Stars of Spring by L Diane Johnson
Painting – Stars of Spring by L Diane Johnson

birds sing before dawn
like musical orchestra
they brighten the day

peepers are small frogs
peepers emit mating call
melody of night

fragrance of flowers
air of spring brings health and life
rain comes on the wind


hello there spring
first flowers are peeking out
goodbye cold winter
two Marias in spring
Mother Nature at her best

nice to have colours
yellow, green, purple and red
instead of just white
enough snow for us all
anticipate what’s coming

For: Tale Weaver – #159 – February 14th – The Coming of Spring

Carpe Diem weekend-meditation #4 Soliloquy no renga (solo-renga): Celebration


finally winter has gone
early plum blossoms

© Chèvrefeuille

plum blossom in the snow

blossoms peering out from snow
on a cool morning

days are getting longer
warblers are singing
time to rejoice

and the sky, is it clearer?
just to be out give us thrills

the nightingale sings
the first greening of the grass
heralding of spring

snowdrop, crocus, daffodils
each one beautiful

(c) ladyleemanila 2017
For: Carpe Diem weekend-meditation #4 Soliloquy no renga (solo-renga): Celebration

Good morning!

Good morning everyone! I’m sharing with you some chocolates from yesterday.


It was raining a couple of days before.


And today, woke up to this sunny and bright day! Sharing with you our garden this morning.

So, what made you smile this week?

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