Tale Weaver – #140 – 5th October – Circle of Life


He took his great granddad’s watch from the drawer and looked at it one last time. He wore it on his wedding, a pocket silver watch from 1919, with a silver chain and a silver medal at the end. The medal was won by his great granddad from rugby and it still has the encryption of his name and the year. Ah, great legacy! When the son got married last year, he passed this silver watch to the son. There was a feeling of pride and loyalty when he saw his son wore it on his wedding.

An old silver watch
Passed on by his great granddad
The son now has it

For: Tale Weaver – #140 – 5th October – Wheels

Tale Weaver – #139 – 28/9/17 – Rejection

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Time of my life when I was hurt
When I’ve given all my effort
In return, you’ve broken my trust
Left me in a land of sadness
My heart bled and I felt helpless
I’ve got to move on, that’s a must
I’ve learned the lesson, glad you’re gone
Stay positive, there’s always dawn
Bad spell was over like dust*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Nove Otto poetry form was created by Scott J. Alcorn. It is a nine-lined poem with 8 syllables per line (isosyllabic). The rhyme scheme is as follows: aacbbcddc.

For: Tale Weaver – #139 – 28/9/17 – Rejection

Tale Weaver #136 – 7/9/17 – What I want….

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What I want I think I have got
Him Indoors, son and wife and a nice home
Mother who is still with us and siblings all well
Peace, love and happiness allot

Allot time for hobbies and rest
Seeing the world and experiencing life
Being healthy, controlled diabetes is fine
For anything I do my best

Best intentions I give to all
Set a good example to the next lot
Be glad and appreciate what was given to us
Anything that are great and small

Small children warm in their blanket
Try to protect them from harm, give them love
What we give out will come back to us in some form
Just be grateful no matter what*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The RemyLa Rhyme Form, a form created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 4 stanzas. Each stanza has four lines. The syllable count per stanza is 8/10/12/8 and rhyme scheme is abca defd ghig jklj. The first word of stanza 1 must also be the last word of stanza 4. The last word of stanza 1 must also be the first word of stanza 2 and the last word of stanza 2 must be the first word of stanza 3. Finally, the last word of stanza 3 must also be the first word of stanza 4.

This form is named after Laura’s daughter, Remy Lawren Lamarca. La is her signature.

For: Tale Weaver #136 – 7/9/17 – What I want….

Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale – #135 – August 31st – Princess Charming

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In a place we call Fairy Tale
The hero is a man as we knew
Times have changed, a woman we hail
Princess Charming to the rescue

Someone in distress, who’d we call?
She would come out of the blue
Somebody was kidnapped in the mall
Princess Charming to the rescue

Firemen cannot contain the fire
She’ll help the people as she flew
She’s got all the skills we admire
Princess Charming to the rescue

In a place we call Fairy Tale
Princess Charming to the rescue*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Kyrielle Sonnet consists of 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain stanzas and a non-rhyming couplet). Just like the traditional Kyrielle poem, the Kyrielle Sonnet also has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza). Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet consists of only eight syllables. French poetry forms have a tendency to link back to the beginning of the poem, so common practice is to use the first and last line of the first quatrain as the ending couplet. This would also re-enforce the refrain within the poem. Therefore, a good rhyming scheme for a Kyrielle Sonnet would be:

AabB, ccbB, ddbB, AB -or- AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB.

For: Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale – #135 – August 31st – Princess Charming

Tale Weaver # 131 – 10th August 2017 – Birth


I am the second child of my parents
Parents were lovely and not so strict

The son was premature, when he was born
Born in the month of May in the morn

I’m a Sagittarius woman
Woman of fire and air
Air as I love to travel
Travel to different places

My birthday is in December
December ten and I’m an archer

I was born in Manila
Manila is the capital of the Philippines

Philippines is such a lovely country
Country with 7,100 islands
Islands big and small, far and wide
Wide awake to see all the nature

I’m a Filipino by birth
Birth, bred and I know my worth

So for my birthday, I’d travel
To different places while I’m able*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* Loop Poetry is a poetry form created by Hellon. There are no restrictions on the number of stanzas nor on the syllable count for each line. In each stanza, the last word of the first line becomes the first word of line two, last word of line 2 becomes the first word of line 3, last word of line 3 becomes the first word of line 4. This is followed for each stanza. The rhyme scheme is abcb.


1. Stanzas, writers choice on the number, no rhyming, the last word, first word scheme is maintained.

2. One long stanza, no limit on number of lines, no rhyming scheme, the last word, first word scheme is maintained.

3. Couplets mixed with 4 line stanzas, the last word, first word scheme is maintained in the stanzas. It can also be used in the couplets. Rhyme scheme is ab, cc, defg, hh, ii, jklm, nn, oo.

For: Tale Weaver # 131 – 10th August 2017 – Birth

Tale Weaver #129 July 27th – Kiss

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My last kiss, I was in paradise
His scents comparable to an all-spice
Short and sweet, like I was in a pyre
Similar to a cat, I thought I even purred
Kept me high, alike a kite in the sky
He was my own personal samurai
Kept me alive, he kept saying my name
I held onto his arms and I was still aflame
Hundreds of fish in the sea, he chose me
I was feeling lightheaded and so bouncy
Promise, I won’t kick him out my door
Because I want to kiss some more
Feeling ever so humble
But can’t help but babble

For: Tale Weaver #129 July 27th – Kiss

Tale Weaver #126 – Death – 29/6/17

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That was the world that never was
They knew it wouldn’t work because
It was too late and all the clause
Forget the flaws, forget the flaws

They were both in heaven at first
Have each other quenching their thirst
They went through some storms and cloudburst
And they were cursed, and they were cursed

The death of “them” and so be it
Not meant to relish the moonlit
Trust was broken so they quit
Thus they admit, thus they admit*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The monotetra is a new poetic form developed by Michael Walker. Each stanza contains four lines in monorhyme. Each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables. What makes the monotetra so powerful as a poetic form, is that the last line contains two metrical feet, repeated. It can have as few as one or two stanzas, or as many as desired.

Stanza Structure:

Line 1: 8 syllables; A1
Line 2: 8 syllables; A2
Line 3: 8 syllables; A3
Line 4: 4 syllables, repeated; A4, A4

For: Tale Weaver #126 – Death – 29/6/17