The Girl Who Became a Bear


There was a single lady who was drunk
In a blink of an eye she turned to bear
Fear lashed her to frenzy, she’s got no spunk

With sheer force, she snatched a tattered armchair
She spun around and dust was all over
Like she was rooting for something out there

She wanted that things remained as they were
She was happy drinking with all her friends
But then everything turned to be a blur

As a bear, what could she do to make mends?
Could she curve her drinking and be good girl?
Perhaps she amends and start all these trends?

She promised to be good with a sly twirl
Doesn’t want to be a bear forever
Be a lady and time to meet her earl

She has time to think about her future
Could be wonderful and living with flair
As long as the situation can alter

And so the lady waited for some time
As she was and be part of paradigm
There was a single lady who was drunk
Fear lashed her to frenzy, she’s got no spunk*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Lauranelle, created by Laura Lamarca, is a hybrid (variation) of both the Villanelle and the Terzanelle forms. The poem is 22 lines in length opposed to the 19-line length of the aforementioned classical forms. Lines MUST be 10 syllables in length and also MUST be in iambic pentameter.

Rhyme scheme is as follows: aba bcb cdc ded efe fbf ggA(1)A(2)

Lines 1 and 3 MUST be repeated at Lines 21 and 22.

Poems can either be formatted in stanzas or as a whole piece without line-spacing.


For: Writing Prompt #213 “It’s All in the Title”, Wordle 305 Jun 24 by brenda warren


When fish runaway

When fish runaway, I snapped
My breath so cold and blue grass flapped
Overlapping season I crack
With you it’s like seeping white wine
Giving you my all, limb and spine
Rushing to get out of my track
Don’t runaway, lots of stones
Here lies my love, says the gravestone
And all I have is my backpack*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Nove Otto poetry form was created by Scott J. Alcorn. It is a nine-lined poem with 8 syllables per line (isosyllabic). The rhyme scheme is as follows: aacbbcddc.


For: Writing Prompt #209 “It’s All in the Title”, Wordle 301 May 27 by brenda warren


Writing Prompt Sunday, May 21st – Peculiar


To sleep, perchance to amaranthine dream
Sable horses gallop across moonbeam
To dream, ah, that is so chartreusely divine
Sailing across the lovat river Rhine
Where all her violescent thoughts meshed
And waking up feeling albicantly refreshed
Playing on each other in celadon fields
It’s as rough as a public park, the outfield
Wrestling with russet ideas and virid concepts
Eburnean piano piece one that she accepts
Bees’ aubergine knees, jacinthe cheese please
As she is embraced by the isabelline breeze
She dreams that she was a vermilion butterfly
Feeling happy as she hovers in the azure sky
Blooming, blushing, breezing, cinnabar breaming
She’s on top of the world as the whole place is bracing
Flapping wings smartly, enjoying its sarcoline nectar
Taking its time, fluttering with cerulean pleasure
Girl in a saffron dream in heliotrope paradise
She can soar up high as the xanthic sun will rise
And she floats and brings out a slow celadon yawn
Though she fears never shall she see titian dawn?

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Writing Prompt Sunday, May 21st – Peculiar

Writing Prompt May 7th – First time


sun stopping today
midnight sun or polar night?
summer solstice’s here

first day of summer
the sea asked to be admired
nature’s gift to us

First day of school
I didn’t cry
I met Dedette
We played together
And we’re still friends

First kiss, first love
Awkward and painful
Cried, broke my heart
I’ve learned some lessons

First job, medrep at Sanofi
Covered Port Area & Manila
And at the same time
Algebra teacher in college
My students older than me

First time to leave Philippines
I was 22 and off to Switzerland
Learned French and looked for a job
Worked at the United Nations for 2 years

First time to be a Mum
I was 32, and boy, that was great
Held him in my arms, my precious son
Stayed home Mum until he was 10
Time went so fast and he has to leave
For college to spread his own wings
Now he’s married to his beautiful K

First time to blog
Two years ago
Frightened to bits
Didn’t know what to expect
Now having fun and just writing

For: Writing Prompt May 7th – First time

The life of Qorswyn and Qorra

Ellen Datlow

The life of Qorswyn and Qorra
Love started when they were both young
Up and down spiral as sung

Not settling and lots of drama
The list goes on and they both run
They met again and had some fun

In and out, what an enigma
He gave her a topaz mirror
Like a prayer has been answered

Trust was broken and there was trauma
And love was laced with betrayal
No choice but say farewell, hurtful

Who receives in the end karma?
Like a saint Qorra forgives him
But doesn’t forget the sad hymn*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Constanza, created by Connie Marcum Wong, consists of five or more 3-line stanzas. Each line has a set meter of eight syllables. The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an independent poem, with the rest of the poem weaved in to express a deeper meaning. The first lines convey a theme written in monorhyme, while the second and third lines of each stanza rhyme together.

Rhyme scheme: a/b/b, a/c/c, a/d/d, a/e/e, a/f/f………etc.


For: Writing Prompt #205 “Stories By 5”, Wordle 297 Apr 29 by brenda warren


Writing Prompt, April 23rd – Dialogue pairing


William Shakespeare meets Snoop Catty at one of the Oscar’s After Party. William Shakespeare didn’t win the Best Supporting Actor award and he wasn’t pleased.

“Hi, wuz up, I’m Snoop Catty, Ca-awww-ahhhh-attt , Ca-ah-ca-ca-cah“ introduced Snoop to William. Snoop is wearing his rap gear and glasses.

“Snoop Catty, I’m William. What’s in a name you asked? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William, in his Elizabethan outfit, trying to be friendly, just to take his mind off not winning.

They mingled with other guests. We can hear snippets of their conversation.

“Snoop Catty Catt, funky, yes but of the Cat. I went solo on that ass, but it’s still the same. So I ain’t holdin nuttin back.” said Snoop as he eats the entrees and drinks wine.

William added with his glass of wine: “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”

“Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, but don’t lose your grip nine-trizzay’s the yizzear for me to fuck up shit,” Snoop being brave, as he leads William to the main course table.

“To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day,” William getting somewhere with the conversation, while eating some chicken and pie.

And so Snoop carried on: “Robbin motherfuckers then I kill dem blood claats, then I step through the fog and I creep through the smog cuz I’m Snoop Catty (who?) Catty (what?) Catty (Catt)]”

William finished the sentence with this as they were having dessert: “To be, or not to be, that is the question: whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. It was a pleasure meeting you Snoop.”

“Anytime, Will. Snoop Catty’s Catt here, man, “and he’s off for a cigarette in the garden.


For: Writing Prompt, April 23rd – Dialogue pairing

Dear Death

Dear Death


Listen, I know I’ve reached my turn
Time is not on my side as I scrape by
I’ve tasted life and played my nocturne

I sigh at the barriers and concern
I follow the breeze and say bye
Listen, I know I’ve reached my turn

Sometimes stones are too big but I learn
Hurt by nails and betrayal and I cry
I’ve tasted life and played my nocturne

Tried to stand as tall as trunk with fern
When there’s pain, I know time passes by
Listen, I know I’ve reached my turn

Perhaps I’ve done things that will me burn
Sometimes I’ve blamed you for my loss and I cry
I’ve tasted life and played my nocturne

Give me another chance, your offer I spurn
I still got things to do, I don’t want yet to die
Listen, I know I’ve reached my turn
I’ve tasted life and played my nocturne*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017


* A Villanelle is a nineteen-line poem consisting of a very specific rhyming scheme: aba aba aba aba aba abaa.

The first and the third lines in the first stanza are repeated in alternating order throughout the poem, and appear together in the last couplet (last two lines).

One of the most famous Villanelle is “Do not go Gentle into that Good Night” by Dylan Thomas.


For: Writing Prompt #203 “Letters to Death”, Sunday Photo Fiction – April 16th 2017, Wordle 295 Apr 15 by Brenda Warren , April PAD Challenge: Day 16, Day Sixteen of NaPoWriMo

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