A walk in the forest – Writing Prompt #217 “Stories by 5”

A walk in the forest, Urban, Undine, apple, turquoise, throb

Undine has got a throbbing headache
Urban suggested they walk
She first hesitates, it’s rather late
Through the woods by the river they talk

Urban protects Undine from strong gusts
With his coat on her shoulders
It’s rather late, she first hesitates
Such an epic frame those two amblers

They went straight to the old apple tree
The wind hammering the tree
She first hesitates, it’s rather late
With turquoise mugs they can have their tea

They list the places they would visit
Trying to avoid the dump
It’s rather late, she first hesitates
They have got the sense to come up trumps*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The ZaniLa Rhyme, a form created by Laura Lamarca, consists 4 lines per stanza.
The rhyme scheme for this form is abcb and a syllable count of 9/7/9/9 per stanza.
Line 3 contains internal rhyme and is repeated in each odd numbered stanza.
Even stanzas contain the same line but swapped.
The ZaniLa Rhyme has a minimum of 3 stanzas and no maximum poem length.


For: Writing Prompt #217 “Stories by 5”, Wordle 314 Aug 26 by brenda warren


The girl who was made of broken promises


This girl looks like a sad statue
Left to lie in an evil brew
Partial reveries so awe less
She’s made of broken promises

Got no rights to facts in the hood
March alone with torch as she should
Assurance he gave was bareness
She’s made of broken promises

No stability in life
For they always end in strife
And the effect is adverseness
She’s made of broken promises*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Kyrielle is a French form of rhyming poetry written in quatrains (a stanza consisting of 4 lines), and each quatrain contains a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza). Each line within the poem consists of only eight syllables. There is no limit to the amount of stanzas a Kyrielle may have, but three is considered the accepted minimum.

Some popular rhyming schemes for a Kyrielle are: aabB, ccbB, ddbB, with B being the repeated line, or abaB, cbcB, dbdB.


For: Writing Prompt “It’s all in the title”, Wordle 313 Aug 20 by brenda warren


Glass of Love

Dioga Costta

A trip back in time
A trip behind a looking glass
Glass reflecting life
Glass of dream
Dream of Zen and Zuri
Dream of playing a violin
Violin in a band
Violin in a bag
Bag of autumn leaves
Bag of stones
Stones to push
Stones so heavy
Heavy laugh
Heavy to carry
Carry with bare hands
Carry the answer
Answer the question
Answer the agent
Agent of fiction
Agent of truth
Truth or lies
Truth be told
Told to be good
Told of the smoke
Smoke not cool
Smoke not good
Good for Zen and Zuri
Good or bad
Bad dreams
Bad company
Company meeting
Company of wolves
Wolves in the woods
Wolves big bad wolf
Wolf with bare teeth
Wolf to go back
Back to the future
Back to the garden
Garden of Eden
Garden in the autumn
Autumn leaves scents
Autumn quite cold
Cold cuts
Cold wind
Wind blowing
Wind of love
Love of nature
Love of living

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Blitz Poem, a poetry form created by Robert Keim.

This form of poetry is a stream of short phrases and images with repetition and rapid flow.

Begin with one short phrase, it can be a cliché. Begin the next line with another phrase that begins with the same first word as line 1. The first 48 lines should be short, but at least two words.

The third and fourth lines are phrases that begin with the last word of the 2nd phrase, the 5th and 6th lines begin with the last word of the 4th line, and so on, continuing, with each subsequent pair beginning with the last word of the line above them, which establishes a pattern of repetition.

Continue for 48 total lines with this pattern, And then the last two lines repeat the last word of line 48, then the last word of line 47.

The title must be only three words, with some sort of preposition or conjunction joining the first word from the third line to the first word from the 47th line, in that order.

There should be no punctuation. When reading a BLITZ, it is read very quickly, pausing only to breathe.


For: Writing Prompt “Stories By 5”, Wordle 312 Aug 12 by brenda warren


In the end, we’ll all become stories

Mandibelles Collage 5.jpg
Window- Andrey Bobir: Fruit Center: Kevin Sloan: Woman- Christian Schloe
Today’s quote was suggested to us by Mandibelle please check out her amazing blog
The quote “In the end, we’ll all become stories.” -Margaret Atwood

In the end, we’ll all become stories
Foolish as bees, bustling with excitement
Circling agent, eccentric like the fleas
Entangled squeeze, glinting like figment

The need for a taste of chocolate
Jump for biscuit, not good for waist
In the willowwacks or the hood
If we could, have contacts

Fox is sitting by the window
As we all know, berries are good
In his boyhood, he’s always raced
He’s got good taste, as he would

Ripe papaya is such a healthy fruit
The girl is cute, as seen in here
That much is clear, follow the route
Water from chute, flowing from near

In the end, we’ll all become stories
As we sneeze, they’re all part of movement
At this moment, all part of symphonies
The day we seize, for our lives are brilliant*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The LaJemme is a 5 stanza form created by poets Laura Lamarca and Jem Farmer.

Meter: consistently iambic

Stanza 1, 10 syllables per line, Rhyme scheme abab, 4th syllable of each line is to rhyme with the end rhyme of the preceding line.

Stanza 2, syllable count: 8/8/8/6, Rhyme scheme cdef, with cross rhymes in each couplet on 4th syllable

Stanza 3, syllable count 8/8/8/6, Rhyme scheme gfdf, 4th syllable of each line follows the same rule as stanza 1.

Stanza 4, 10 syllables per line, Rhyme scheme hihi, 4th syllable of each line is to rhyme with the end rhyme of the preceding line.

Stanza 5, 10 syllables per line, Rhyme scheme abab, 4th syllable of each line is to rhyme with the end rhyme of the preceding line.


For: Writing Prompt “Special Collage”, Wordle #166

Writing prompt 25th June, Mothers


Let me start with this
Although we are different
My Mum and I are the same
Same focus, both cool
We’re not so good in business
Or being tidy
Sometimes we forget some things
It doesn’t matter
When it comes to having fun
We know what to do
The town is always painted
Red, blue or yellow
Would do anything for her

Her beauty astounds us all
Life’s always a breeze so she flits
Broke into one and a million bits
Of love and care, to us her kids
Of time and devotion, no problem
Always there, served with a smile
And so this is the time to say thanks
And the mission for which it was due

Oh Mother Dear, with your eyes twinkling like stars in cloudland
Your breath sweeter than sampaguita as we string them into a lei
Your love, patience and smile, always there as you give us a hand
Oh Mother Dear, with your eyes twinkling like stars in cloudland

We cannot show enough gratitude for bringing us up first hand
Your tenderness, completely and sweetly given to us like a bouquet
Oh Mother Dear, with your eyes twinkling like stars in cloudland
We love you to the moon and back and all planets in the milky-way

For: Writing prompt 25th June, Mothers

The Girl Who Became a Bear


There was a single lady who was drunk
In a blink of an eye she turned to bear
Fear lashed her to frenzy, she’s got no spunk

With sheer force, she snatched a tattered armchair
She spun around and dust was all over
Like she was rooting for something out there

She wanted that things remained as they were
She was happy drinking with all her friends
But then everything turned to be a blur

As a bear, what could she do to make mends?
Could she curve her drinking and be good girl?
Perhaps she amends and start all these trends?

She promised to be good with a sly twirl
Doesn’t want to be a bear forever
Be a lady and time to meet her earl

She has time to think about her future
Could be wonderful and living with flair
As long as the situation can alter

And so the lady waited for some time
As she was and be part of paradigm
There was a single lady who was drunk
Fear lashed her to frenzy, she’s got no spunk*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Lauranelle, created by Laura Lamarca, is a hybrid (variation) of both the Villanelle and the Terzanelle forms. The poem is 22 lines in length opposed to the 19-line length of the aforementioned classical forms. Lines MUST be 10 syllables in length and also MUST be in iambic pentameter.

Rhyme scheme is as follows: aba bcb cdc ded efe fbf ggA(1)A(2)

Lines 1 and 3 MUST be repeated at Lines 21 and 22.

Poems can either be formatted in stanzas or as a whole piece without line-spacing.


For: Writing Prompt #213 “It’s All in the Title”, Wordle 305 Jun 24 by brenda warren


When fish runaway

When fish runaway, I snapped
My breath so cold and blue grass flapped
Overlapping season I crack
With you it’s like seeping white wine
Giving you my all, limb and spine
Rushing to get out of my track
Don’t runaway, lots of stones
Here lies my love, says the gravestone
And all I have is my backpack*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Nove Otto poetry form was created by Scott J. Alcorn. It is a nine-lined poem with 8 syllables per line (isosyllabic). The rhyme scheme is as follows: aacbbcddc.


For: Writing Prompt #209 “It’s All in the Title”, Wordle 301 May 27 by brenda warren