Creativity Challenge 36 – Invigorate


A story of strength and spirit
Grandparents lived in a hamlet
A fire burning in the hearth
A spark of light, lay it thwart
Grandpa sat with his defiant mood
For several hours the situation brewed
An ancient game he played with Grandma
A status quo both of them not foresaw
Grandma stuck to her ground in darkness
She thought she was right and blameless
Angry sparks were flashing in her eyes
But after some time with all the sighs
They argued, they fought and they made up
The process continued but never a breakup
And like the unperfected Polaroid
They lived a life they both enjoyed
It should fade into oblivion in no time
Their love won and forever sublime

the trees in the forest
with the tall mossy pines
their shadows on either side
lifted their branches to the sky
inspiring my mind to heady heights
imagination run high as I walk in the woods
I need the forest for my soul to recharge
for the trees give me strength and hope
and the sound of the birds and bees
as they spread seedlings
and the wind embraces me
ah! bliss and happiness

For: Creativity Challenge 36


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