Year – Daily Prompt

garden full of life
of butterflies and bees
the scents of flowers

look at the garden
peace and tranquility
wonderful feeling

garden through the years
canvas of memories
brings us joy and hope

Write page three of your autobiography.


I was three and a half when my sister was born. I could still remember that day. My sister was born in our house. My aunt Angela, a midwife was the one who delivered her. We were in the next room – my brother and my Dad and we were waiting. My Dad was pacing up and down and my brother and I were jumping up and down the bed, playing roughly, as any 3 ½ and 4 ½ children do. Then we heard my aunt said: “She’s a girl!” We quickly ran to the next room, only to be asked to leave as they were not prepared for visitors to see them, i.e. gory details of blood and stuff – yuk! Anyway, when we came back, my mother was holding the baby – she’s the most gorgeous baby I’ve ever seen!

Soon it was time for me to go to Kindergarten. My big brother was already in that school. It was a Dominican School run by nuns. I didn’t cry that day, I just waved goodbye to my mother. I liked that school. I met friends, who until now are still close friends. I remembered doing some sort of speech after the school year and my Grandad wrote that speech. They were all proud of me. I stayed there for four years until we transferred to another school.


He dreamed of years that were long gone
With a job, home, family – now all bygone
A vision of hope nestled in his heart
Even though he lives in his pushcart
A period of happiness when he had space
Made a terrible mistake to his disgrace
A home, a house, a bed and not just any floor
He couldn’t help it, he’s now society’s eyesore
To some degree, things that persuade him to stay
He should celebrate, today’s his birthday
If only he could turn back the clocks
He’d do otherwise and not live on sidewalks
For now, let him sleep as you guard him
Sing him a lullaby or a hymn
Nothing could hurt him anymore
Bless him and in his sleep let him snore

For: Year. Also for: Past meets present (our garden through the years)

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