#SoCS Apr. 8/17 – “give/given/giving”


Is it the end of life as we know it?
When perversity wins and we accept?
When equality loses and we bow?
And the king of the throne is such a twit?

The response was somewhat a tat for tit
Make the most of it or see how it goes
Frustrating perhaps but give it a chance
We’re all in it together, so don’t quit

We let it happen, we have to admit
Let’s not lose hope, we have to keep trying
There’s always light at the end of tunnel
In the end, it’s all for our benefit


Give me the key to your heart
I can crawl to you but don’t thwart
So I can crack the code and open it
Until every bit of the starlit and sunlit
Before I collapse from splintered life
Until we meet again in our afterlife
Escaping reality and flying like a bird
Turning to a clay, that must be awkward
In the open space where I can breathe
But not like the grey ocean that seethe
And step on the shoes that were just right
I know whatever I do, eventually will be alright
Feeling the love within and through my bones
Each step I take is a positive milestone
Creating the tapestry or quilt of my life
The crows eat the grain, that’s wildlife
Hand down from one generation to another
And if we share the love, that’s even greater

For: #SoCS Apr. 8/17, April PAD Challenge: Day 7



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