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How would she break it to him that the money for their vacation had been spent?

They were supposed to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary in the Caribbean. They haven’t been there and they thought it would be a nice present for their anniversary next year. But then situations changed. Their daughter has just got engaged and they were planning to get married next year, too. Both the daughter and the groom to be are still studying so they don’t really have money for the wedding. The groom’s parents promised to pay half of the expenses for the wedding, so they promised to pay half, too. There would be a big reception where they were studying and there would also be a second reception in their own country, plus all the other expenses for the flight, honeymoon, clothes, photographers, band, etc. She would eventually break it to him that the money meant for their holiday had been spent. She’s sure he’d understand.

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  1. Wow! My first thought is that this young couple either need to wait until they can afford it, or they need to plan a more budget-friendly wedding. It’s not fair for so much expense to fall on the parents. My second thought is that family is a gift, and this wedding will produce some lasting memories.

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  2. Such a bittersweet post! One filled with the hope of a luxurious vacation overshadowed by the start of new love. Praying that you’ll get that silver anniversary vacation soon!

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