Tale Weaver #196 – Gratitude – November 8th


So grateful
To Him Indoors who is my light
So grateful
We fly, we sing and we giggle
On my journey he is my knight
Promising me that it’s alright
So grateful*

* Rondelet


Thanking my mother for everything
For her unconditional love
For her support and guidance
For her sense of humour
Sticking to us
Talking to us
Pitch perfect

** Nonet


Very grateful to the son and lovely wife
To my dad who I yearn to still be with us
Miss him so, we’ll see him in our afterlife

My siblings, strands of my life who are gracious
My nephews and nieces as they all grow up
My relatives and friends, who are so priceless

My health, job and all the rest of the lineup
All the machines that I need, keep me going
My blogging, the internet and its linkup

So grateful to all them and the love they bring
Each one of them giving my life some meaning***

*** Terza Rima


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