#SoCS Feb. 2/19 – “affirm”


The availability of steaming pulchritude has always been a compelling feature of a bohemian college life. My calendar is always full. Tonight, Jane is coming to my dorm so we can study Anatomy together – intensively. On Thursday, Its Cynthia’s turn and we swim in the tepid aquamarine we call the campus pool. And as for Sarah, I gave her a love heart, with my name scribbled cursively at the top – she swallowed it! I’m such a charmer. However, the punitive lifestyle of a young man is slowly taking its toll. It’s sad that the season is over, as advised by my doctor, when I was taken to the hospital. He affirmed that I have Arrhythmia.

For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 2/19


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