Along the Onofre river


Along the Onofre river
Honeysuckle abound
Alabaster water shiver
I hear some muffle sound
Sometimes delible, sometimes not
When I am somewhere with my thought
Sometimes delible
Sometimes delible
That you forget me I hope not

Along the Onofre river
Some crocodiles tiptoe
That makes me start to quiver
And as the river flows
I recognize the tune and prose
And simmering in the shadows
I recognize
I recognize
That’s your scarf in the meadows

Along the Onofre river
Little slice of hope
Nothing we couldn’t deliver
So we could always cope
That we have fun and we have won
Preserving our love to each one
That we have fun
That we have fun
All these things before the home run*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

* Trijan Refrain


For: Wordle #162,  Along the Onofre river