Magandang hapon po. Welcome to virtual afternoon tea in Filipino.

Magandang hapon po is Filipino for Good afternoon. I’m joining Su Leslie for her virtual afternoon tea. I’m glad she’s doing well.

We’ve been to England to visit HRH the son and beautiful K and we’ve brought back some of the English goodies. Masarap (delicious).

So feel free to have some to go with these tea bags.

Yesterday, we started with our tenth jigsaw puzzle since March. It’s to remind us of our holiday in Japan.

Him Indoors has started his new hobby, growing bonsai trees. Here are some of them, I think they are now 2 months old.

Here are also some of our orchids and chillies. Maganda (beautiful).

What else am I doing? I’m reading these books, listening to music, cycling and going to the gym.

Have a lovely week everyone! Paalam na po (good bye).



  1. Thanks for coming to tea — and bringing hobnobs!!

    Have you really travelled to the UK? Did you have to quarantine on arrival and when you got home? I can barely imagine travelling to the South Island, let alone actually leaving the country.

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