The Weekly Smile and Virtual Afternoon Tea

Hello everyone! Here’s a lovely sunset over our street.

a refreshing apple tea with our ongoing puzzle…. number 15 since the pandemic.

I wasn’t able to bake a cake, but I’m offering some of the dishes that I’ve made – pancit, coleslaw and vegetable quiche.

Yesterday we’ve just received a copy of beautiful K’s thesis for her PhD. So proud of her.

Have a lovely week everyone!

For: The Weekly Smile for the 11th of January, 2021 #weeklysmile | Trent’s World (the Blog) (, Virtual Afternoon Tea, January 2021 | Zimmerbitch (, ALL SEASONS – TRANSPORTATION – The Jesh Studio (, image-in-ing: A peek at our indoor herb garden (


  1. A sunset with snow on the ground and roofs makes it look so other-worldly! Congrats to K. for a finished dissertation. It has a much prettier cover than mine had:)
    Wow, 15 puzzles … and you are still not tired of doing them? How big (how many pieces) are they? I like the giant 2000 ones. Haven’t done that in a while, since knitting is more addictive. Fun that you keep us at All Seasons up to date with your lockdown days! I appreciated Merkels comments about the big Tech. When other countries are weighing in on a matter, may be they finally realize how much out of touch with reality they are!
    Have a comfortable and healthy week, Jesh

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    1. thank you, Jesh 🙂 we’re so proud of Dr. K ❤ my puzzles are just 1000 pieces, otherwise we won't have space on our dining table for our dinner. I used to knit when we were living in the UK…. stay safe and have a lovely week, Jesh 🙂


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