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Our Wedding Day
We got married on the nicest day of June (it was the only weekend it didn’t rain, thank God). We prepared a big fish (baked) with mayonnaise, red and green peppers, chopped carrots on top. I also cooked spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce and other Filipino dishes. Him Indoor’s mother baked the cake, and did the other dishes. We prepared before hand, so we used the fridges of their neighbours to store them. My cousin from Germany and her husband came and she was my Maid of Honour. She wore a Royal Blue Dress. I wore a creamish dress from the Philippines, made of pineapple fibre, like silk. It was exquisite! Him Indoors wore a dark blue suit, with his great grandfather’s pocket watch. We got married in the Register Office, which was a magnificent timber building and the oldest building in the country. It was so romantic!

After the wedding, we all went back to their house and the reception was at their garden. That was why we were lucky to have a dry day that day. The neighbours brought their own deck chairs. Him Indoors and his colleagues played cricket at the back of the house. We cut the wedding cake, quite hard at the start, but managed it in the end. They had a pianist friend who played all afternoon. The punch ball kept on filling up and everyone had a great time. In the evening, some friends pitched their tent at the lawn and carried on with the party the next day. We even danced some tinikling or bamboo dance.

Our move to Bavaria
Four years later, Him Indoors was accepted to work in Bavaria so we moved here. It was a new place for both of us, not knowing that we would be still here after 27 years. HRH the son was born here and he considers Bavaria as his home. We’re happy here – we have the mountains to hike or ski in the winter, and the lakes, beer gardens and parks to walk or cycle in the summer. It was just the right size for us, not too big a city and not too little a village. We have a terrace house and a garden. When HRH the son was born, I decided to stay at home and looked after him. We did lots of things together, from toddler groups, music school, kindergarden, school, etc. I volunteered to work as one of the librarians in their library. When he was 10, I started thinking about going back to work. I did some training, a Master’s in English Language Teaching. Now, I’m a freelance English trainer/teacher. And so, my journey continues….

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