Prompt #1970 Visual Prompt – Alice in Galaxy Land

Photo Credit: Sharon Brogan on Flickr

Alice asked: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
Depends on where you want to go, answered the cat as he sneered
She didn’t really care much
Then, it didn’t matter as such
She carried on walking for as long as she had the right footwear

What can I do when a day is 48 hours long?
Is the time fast or slow? I’ll probably get the bong
And can go anywhere and whatever time I want
All I feel like doing now is eating frozen currants
Adventure is what I want, adventure is what I get
All these hundreds of things, easy enough to forget
I’d like to be in Jane Austen’s book meeting Mr. Darcy
I can be choosy, why not, my lord…my lord… my lady
Or in one of the fairy tale stories changing endings
Giving my springs, stings and zings to our darlings
Like Elsa and Anna in Frozen, who are strong characters
They have happy ending without their Prince Charming lovers
Unlike the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, who’s always late
I’m always on time with 10 minutes to spare for my date
I’ll enjoy this time travelling going from one place to another
The experience will make me appreciate life deeper and better

I am just a dot in the galaxy
The world is a stage and I have a part
Either do it right or do it badly
I may not be Beethoven or Mozart
But I will try my best, which is the key
Just make it happen, before I depart
Enjoy the experience and challenges
The travel and friendship that give me buzz

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