Heal – Daily Prompt


Let’s paint the town red right now
Until we cross the limit that we’re allowed
Give me a kiss and I’d be healed
With that kiss I’m all sealed
Glance at me and my window’s open
We’ll have fun my hunny bun
Take a photo of us and my life’s complete
As long as you don’t cheat
Them promises I should keep
I promise not to weep
Them fun things we should have
Protected by a salve
Them kisses I should treasure
Give my life a colour


I have known shadowy delight
A crystal sea, tranquillity
The moon orbits around with glee

A place for all of us to share
Seven continents make it up
Oceans and seas are the line-up

With peaceful healing it’s my home
And the rest of men and beasts, too
Amazing world and the sky’s blue

Its forests, deserts and mountains
Savannah, tundra, swamps and hills
Marsh and others all parts of frills

And so to honour this great earth
We have to treat it kindly so
Respect it so we can all grow

For: Heal, April PAD Challenge: Day 8

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