Tea – Daily Prompt


I prefer tea to coffee
With milk in the morning
I prefer red to blue
Red dress, red car
I prefer tortoises
And fish in the aquarium
They’re so peaceful
I prefer mornings
Later I’m so tired
I prefer chocolates
But can’t eat them
Got to lose weight
I prefer books to telly
Romance, thriller, crimes
Sometimes films
A date with Him Indoors
I prefer concerts to clubs
Beethoven’s sonata
I prefer opera to pop
La Boheme’s my fave
With Luciano Pavarotti
I prefer swimming
And snorkelling
Another world – the sea
I prefer our garden to others
Him Indoors planting flowers
While I sit on the terrace
I prefer travelling
Rome, Paris, Singapore
India, Zambia and others
But I’m not a good traveller
I get sea sick sometimes
I prefer museums
Temples, mountains
Going for adventures
And other surprises
I prefer cycling
And hiking to indoors
When weather permits
Lots of other things
I could go on and on
Guess I have to stop now
Have a great week everyone

For: Tea

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      1. Thank you, Friend, I will:) have a happy day, because Friday seems to have become “grocery day” (where I do my groceries is on and a half hours away – so I can get the healthy stuff!).

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