K is for Kyrielle


A Kyrielle poem is made up of 4 lined stanzas of eight syllables each. The capital being the refrain:

At first, he made her feel special
His sun and his own celestial
She didn’t know he was such a cad
Keeper of her heart made her sad

He wooed her until she said yes
From his attention she acquiesce
Didn’t expect him to go bad
Keeper of her heart made her sad

Some promises he didn’t keep
And sometimes he was such a creep
Drinking with his mates like a lad
Keeper of her heart made her sad

He would come and go as he please
And do things to make her displease
Got rid of him and she was glad
Keeper of her heart made her sad

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

For: Keeper of her heart,  K is for Kindness (#AtoZChallenge) ,  happy twelfth day of Na/GloPoWriMo


  1. Ming, I’m glad too that she ot rid of him. Cad indeed. Thank you for the form. I tried doing it but did it wrong, my third line rhymed with the first and second of each. Also, I see that your last line remained the same for all four verses. I’ll do it better the next time. We are doing the Alphabet also, it is “O” today with one at least “Open”. We have a very small group, you. might like to try. It is on my other active blog, not the one for pictures.
    I did link the form to yours, you could see a stranger popping up. I came from NaPoWritMo early this morning I read and copied the instructions.

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