Thursday photo prompt: Web #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

When there’s crisis, who do we call?
In the silence of the night he will come
Probing the situation and in his armour fight
And covering us above all

All things black and white and with fraught
On his card lies things he will treasure most
Sully someone’s disgust and hearing all the things
Resign to fight up and with thought

Thought for the justice we could have
In times of troubles just give him a call
Armour bedecked with cobwebs ready to be used
For aggressors be cut in halve

Halve the task before we begin
The city to be safe as we sleep
And of course all of us will do what is required
Anytime just call the knight when*

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* RemyLa Rhyme Form


For: Thursday photo prompt: Web #writephoto,  Wordle 428 Nov 3 by bwarren

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  3. Sue Vincent

    Another ‘new’ form for me, Lady Lee 🙂

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    1. ladyleemanila

      thank you, Sue 🙂


      1. Sue Vincent


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