Tale Weaver – Gift – December 24th

A gift of love on Christmas Day

Like Father Christmas on his sleigh

Being kind and generous, too

On this tough year, what we’ve gone through

Let’s be patient, help each other, all of above

From one to ninety nine we give a gift of love

Christmas is here and Christ was born

Deck the halls and our house adorn

Let’s celebrate with our cheers

Be merry even without dears

As long as we’re safe, keeping distance, be aware

We’ll get through this pandemic for Christmas is here*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

The Wrapped Refrain, created by Jan Turner, consists of 2 or more stanzas of 6 lines each; Meter: 8,8,8,8,12,12 and Rhyme Scheme: a,a,b,b,c,c.

Refrain rule: In each stanza the first 4 syllables (or 4 single-syllable words) in the first line must be the last 4 syllables (or 4 single-syllable words) at the end of the last line. This is what wraps each stanza with a repeated refrain …thus, the Wrapped Refrain.

For: Tale Weaver – Gift – December 24th | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (wordpress.com)


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