#WQWWC #37: Lakes, Oceans, Water

Water and the music in its roar
Such rapture in this lonely shore
With this we couldn’t ask for more
The love we swore, the love we swore

Blue sky and wind brushing my hair
You’re the answer to my prayer
I do not want to be elsewhere
Fair and square, fair and square

Birds singing and nature at its best
Flying around and building their nest
After swimming we have a rest
We are blessed, we are blessed

Together we watch the sun sets
Looking at our silhouettes
We tried doing our pirouettes
Love our duets, love our duets*

* Monotetra

What good is a big pool
when there is no water?
When you have no armour
going to war, you’re fool
When you go to school
without learning, that’s err

Without you I am lost
Without you life is bleak
I’m alone in the creek
In winter with the frost
And I am so exhaust
As you’re in Mozambique

With you life is complete
Come back and my heart beats**

** HexSonnetta

With you we could be anywhere
Up the mountains, hills or by the ocean
We’d go somewhere cultural or a place to hide
We would have memories to share

Share the laughter and the lessons
We keep going back to places we like
Singapore, Bali, Palawan, Rome and Paris
To relax or do some actions

Actions and reactions, all there
An hour, a day, weekend or longer
It doesn’t matter as long as you are with me
And for as long as we both care

Care to look for some megalith
Ancient ruins, artefacts and paintings
Temples, churches, safaris and some adventures
Happy as long as you are with***

*** The RemyLa Rhyme Form

There’s a secret path
Confined behind the waterfall
Magical garden
A place with strange creatures
Having a party
A cherry blossom party
I was invited
Nymphs, mermaids, fairies and others
Mythical creatures
All frolicking around and happy
Singing and dancing
Playing games, eating, drinking
Like there’s no tomorrow
In this breezy paradise
Where there’s no limit
Of what you like to achieve
I revere that view
I want to be part of that
I was mesmerised
From this brilliant dream
The alarm clock keeps buzzing
I need to wake up and work

The stillness of the night
Wind whispers
The shadow of the moon danced on the lake
Searching for a star as my knight
Like armours
Moon and stars and the dance they make

Sea reflects the sky
Fir trees bow
Embraced by the wind as we hope
No need to answer why
Night aglow
Sight of horizon and scope

Wise owl perched on the tree
His night watch
As the moon pirouetted and sway
Stars are so bouncy
Hop scotch
The night slowly pass on its way****

**** Tri-fall

Pink swan and waterspout wishes
Begonia on the porch softly swaying
Trees and sky reflected on the waters
Careful not to scare the fishes

Fishes on the lake as we splash
Some dirty automobiles being washed
The man in suit wants some assistance in his room
And then he was out in a flash

Flash of wonder as they stitch
Rows and rows of doilies all embroidered
They’re all being prepared for the grand reception
The couple who are being hitched

Hitched for life and guests with mixed drink
Blue umbrellas open and giving shades
Waterspout wishes and three-tiered wedding cake
And all the bridesmaids wearing pink*****

***** RemyLa Rhyme Form

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  1. Lady Lee, you are such a romantic. Wow! The video made me think about how far from the source of water we are. Most of us have never had to fetch our water and carry it. Yet the video turned even that act into something romantic. I love your whole post. What a lucky guy your husband is!

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