WQW #39: Could be windy, could be stormy

Ferocity of the typhoon
And the storm surge are horrific
Powerful winds doing all tricks
Our yearly tropical monsoon
Monster storm and our lives transform
All gone in just one afternoon
Evacuation got to be quick
Ferocity of the typhoon

Ferociousness of the typhoon
Winds roaring ashore so tragic
Deforestation stripped fabric
Landfall and no one is immune
Left us daunting what storm can bring
We’re resilient as our tribune
Got to recover brick by brick
Ferociousness of the typhoon*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

The High Octain

Nature becomes me, going with or against the flow
Every day is different, enjoying the sun, the rain or snow
Swimming in the creek, admiring the flowers in the meadow

On top of the world, we kissed and nature’s our witness
Look around us, trees, birds, hills – they’re all breathless
The gift of nature and I’m happy being here, that’s a plus

Daffodils are popping out, cheerful bulbs burst into life
Spring is here, part of our life now and the afterlife
Birds are singing, blue bells, tulips wildflowers all in rife

Summer morning, all serene, flower’s scent is heaven
Starting the day on this bright day, clouds like cotton
People in positive mood, like in a lottery having won

Autumn’s golden voice, sings with birds and flowers
Don’t forget the palm, coconut, banana trees and firs
The leaves golden brown, auburn, orange, such pleasures

Leaves had fallen on cold days, winter is wonderful
Time to have our Christmas tree with tinsel and bauble
Sitting in front of a fireplace, all cosy and blissful

Reflection through an early dawn or the lovely sunset
Admiring some stone friezes curved with rosette
And together we admire our own silhouette

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2 responses

  1. ladyleemanila

    thank you, Marsha 🙂 glad you love the song ❤


  2. Marsha

    The picture with the palm tree looks pretty ferocious! Great poetry, My friend. I love the song! It brings out so many great feelings. Imagine windy being such a cheerful song! LOL

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